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Our Curriculum

E Safety is integral to all of our computing work and our PSHE curriculum. Below is a broad outline of what children are taught and the skills they are taught in each phase of school.



Yr 3 & 4

Yr 5 & 6

Select and use technologies for a purpose


Understand passwords belong to them.

Recognise impact of good choices and wrong ones.

Know who they can ask for help or who to tell when worried.




Use technology safely and respectfully, keeping personal information private. Know where to go for help when they have concerns.

Being to understand what personal information is and who you can share it with including passwords.

Recognise the needs to know who they are sharing information with online.

Recognise the difference between real and imaginary online experiences.

Know who to tell when they see things that are uncomfortable or know others have seen this.

Understand the need for balance around time when using technologies.


Make good choices and recognise good choices when using technologies and understand what age appropriate is.

Use technologies safely, respectfully and responsibly, recognising acceptable and unacceptable behaviours. Identify a range of ways to report concerns and inappropriate behaviour.

Recognise need to keep personal information and passwords private and keeping a secure password.

Understand the need for rules online

Understand how to report concerns including cyberbullying

Recognise the need to choose age appropriate games and content and how to limit use.

Recognise they need to protect devices from viruses.

Understand information online can be seen by others.



Understand the need to keep all personal information and passwords safe and private, knowing how to choose secure passwords.

Understand risk and rewards associated with use of technologies, understanding a wide range of ways to protect themselves and report concerns.

Recognise their right to be protected from inappropriate use of technologies and how to report.

Understand how to use social networking appropriately keeping adults informed of their activity.

Understand and make good choices when online and using technologies

Understand how to protect from cyberbullying both themselves and others

Understand how to respect the rights of others and understand and take responsibility for information they share