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Supporting your childs well being and emotional health

At Henry Whipple we are  committed to developing the whole child including knowledge, learning behaviours, supporting and developing well being and emotional and mental health. We are the FIRST Nottingham school to sign up for the Emotional health and resilience charter.



What do we do?

As a school we are committed to providing a short daily opportunity for a range of mindfulness, well being or relaxation techniques to support emotional well being.





How do we support your child's emotional wellbeing?

Some examples include:

  • Work with the NSPCC yearly to teach children about being safe and healthy.
  • Daily 'Headspace' for all children- including for example breathing, meditation, strategies for self regulation
  •  2 trained staff specifically for children's yoga
  • Our annual well being week
  • Use of the Amazing Me CAMHS programme
  • Forest schools and outdoor learning for all children
  • Well being leaders - children in each class 




Why is it important?

Good mental health helps children:

  • learn and explore the world
  • feel, express and manage a range of positive and negative emotions
  • form and maintain good relationships with others
  • cope with, and manage change and uncertainty
  • develop and thrive.

Building strong mental health early in life can help children build their self-esteem, learn to settle themselves and engage positively with their education. This, in turn, can lead to improved academic attainment, enhanced future employment opportunities and positive life choices.

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Where can I get help if I am worried about my child?


Follow this link for support from Place2be