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The School Day

Drop off and Collection


Entry is 08.45 - 08.55 for all year groups  F2 - Year 6

All children will enter via the main pedestrian gate from 8.45am no parents will be allowed access to the school site except Foundation Stage parents.


Collection – afternoon arrangement, there will be supporting signage on the school site.

We have been asked by the local authority to avoid parents congregating outside of school and on the school site so these arrangements have been put in place to support that. Gates will not open until 3.10 again please do not arrive before this time. Only one person to collect per child please.


Foundation parents access pedestrian gate down main path, down steps or pathway to outside of Foundation.


KS1 (Year 1 and 2) parents access pedestrian gate and through to driveway. Walk down the drive way, up steps and through side gate to collect from classrooms, exit same route.


KS2 (Year 3,4,5,6) parents enter school using the pedestrian gate, walk down the pathway and use the open playground gate to gain access to class room. Please wait outside of classroom for collection and depart using the same route.


Please note youngest children should be collected first, staff are aware of siblings so will keep children in classrooms until parents arrive.


During dismissal please be patient, children will be dismissed 1 at a time in line with our safeguarding procedures to their parent or nominated person to collect. If parents are not collecting children you must inform the school office prior to collection.



Main School


Main school doors open at 8.45am for children Year 1- Year 6 to enter school.

School starts at 8.55am

School Break Time 10.30 until 10.45am

Lunch Times 12.00pm until 1.00pm

End of school day 3.15pm


Assemblies will take place on Monday and Wednesday at 9am for children.

Achievement assembly will take place on Friday afternoons at 2.45pm with parents invited to celebrate childrens achievements.