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After School Learning

KS1: Board Games: Summer 2: Mrs Duryea and Miss Buckley 


Thursday 13th June


Today has been our first session and what a wonderful time we’ve had! 
The children worked really well in a team to work together to play Tic-Tac-Toe. 
We discovered how important it was to keep communicating with our team mates to work out the best strategies. 
For our next session, the children will need to think of two different objects they would like on their own board. 

Photos to follow.


Miss Buckley and Mrs Duryea

After School Learning (Sports)


‘After School Learning’ called Pocket Rockets has started this term. This is to give children the chance to experience and learn sports whilst building their confidence, playing as part of a team, further improving their fitness, skills and techniques.


This week was based on team building games and having fun!








At badminton club we invited our parents the chance to join in and play with their children.






Parent voice





Football and 'This Girl Can'


















'After School Learning' Hockey







'After-School Learning' at Henry Whipple Primary School


We always ensure that our 'After-School Learning' provision is carefully selected to ensure a broad range of opportunities are provided which enhance and enrich the learning experiences of our pupils.


'After-School Learning' carries the same high expectations we have of any learning during the 'normal' school day and supports our fundamental vision and values.


Previous breadth encompasses a host of curriculum subjects including PE, Dance, Art and Design, Drama, Spanish, Media Studies, Philosophy - (to name a few).





Board Games after school learning: Aut 2 2023

KS1 Board Games: Mrs Duryea and Miss Buckley 


KS1 have been learning how to play board games. We have discovered that a board game needs certain things such as instructions. We had a variety of games to play and ensured we had read the instructions first in order to play them successfully. Throughout our board game after school club learning, the children will have the chance to design their own board game. 


Thursday 30th November

Mrs Duryea and Miss Buckley told the children they are going to have the opportunity to create their own Snakes and Ladders game. 

The children spoke about what objects we will need in order to play the game. Each child decided which animal they would like to have on their own game. For example Dinosaur and Ladders. 

We cannot wait to see the final result. 

After school learning Autumn 2022 


We are pleased to offer these after school learning opportunities this half term:


Karate Club have held another grading - congratulations to everyone for gaining their new belts. Thank you to John and Elaine from Adaptive Karate for helping everyone to make such great progress.

Football Club and Karate Club Autumn 2019

Congratulations to everyone in Karate Club for taking part in your first gradings and receiving your belts from John and Elaine at Adaptive Karate

First Karate Club session wearing our new belts.

First, we had to learn to tie our belts properly!

2018 - 2019

We are providing artistic, creative, musical, linguistic and sporting enrichment opportunities for children in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 again this year.

Clubs already taking place this year:



Football Club

Modern Languages Club

Karate Club

KS 2 Latin Club with students from the University of Nottingham

KS 1 Latin Club with students from the University of Nottingham

Media Club with students from the University of Nottingham

Zumba Club.

KS1 Yoga Club will be starting after half term



Exciting News!

After a discussion with John and Elaine from Adaptive Karate, Karate Club now includes gradings with the children working towards achieving their belts.






A new Badminton Club is currently being organised to start later this term. We hope that this will help the children to move into playing badminton at local clubs in the future.




2017 - 2018

We have provided a range of artistic, creative, musical, linguistic and sporting enrichment opportunities for children in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 again this year.


Clubs provided in the Autumn Term:

Spanish Club

Karate Club

Football Club


Guitar Club


Clubs provided in the Spring Term:


Zumba  Club

Karate Club

Football Club


Guitar Club

Fun Fitness Club

Science Club

Girls' Football (with Nottingham University)


Clubs provided in the Summer Term:

Zumba  Club

Karate Club


Guitar Club

Fun Fitness Club

Basketball Club

Guitar Club


2018 - 2019 Quotes from children participating in clubs:


I have learnt that if you concentrate your mind, you can accomplish loads in life and it can really help me in tests and other things. I loved the karate lessons and would definitely recommend it to anyone!


Karate has made me more confident in my learning.


You can do Zumba when you want to be calm.


I have learnt that practising (Zumba) will make you get better.


We can show the younger children the (Zumba) moves that we have made.


It is really good to do Zumba and I love it.


Karate is a good club for listening and strength. I highly recommend it.


I really enjoyed the football club and it's ben good coaching.


I learnt some discipline (in Karate Club). I can use it in school to concentrate better.



Zumba made my body stronger.



Zumba gives me confidence so I can do my work.


In Football Club, we have learnt to communicate with each other.



It (Zumba) was really fun and active.


I am a reflective learner in Karate Club because I have to think about what I have learnt before.


I really enjoyed playing football and learning all the new skills.



Multi-sports was awesome



I enjoyed Zumba and I want to try it again. I want to improve my skills.



I enjoyed it (Zumba) lots.



I loved it (Zumba).



I so enjoyed the cooking (in Spanish Club) because I learnt to cook and taste Spanish food.



Being a risk taker (in Philosophy Club) has made me confident.



I loved learning the colours in Spanish because now I can use my Spanish.


I learnt to be more positive (Karate Club).


I learnt how to use the skipping rope and now I can show my friends (Fitness Club).


I can do good dancing and be healthy and fit (Fitness Club).