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How do we keep you E Safe in School?

Keeping all of you safe in every way whilst you are at school is our top priority and E Safety is a big part of this.


What do we do?

  • We have our SMART rules in place that everyone follows
  • Acceptable use agreements which are staff and pupils sign to say they will follow the rules- these were written with our Digital Leaders
  • Digital Leaders- these children are trained to help you and role models of excellence
  •  Assemblies led by our Digital Leaders to support you
  • Anti Bullying Week
  • Safer Internet Day
  • E - Safety working together events where we invite your parents to join us in class
  • E Safety planned into our curriculum and what we teach you
  • We have  meetings with Mrs Burgess, Mrs Winter and Mrs Marriott called safeguarding meetings- here we will talk about any problems we have with all bits of keeping you safe including E Safety. We make sure we take action to resolve any E Safety problems.
  • We have now got usernames and passwords for each individual from Yr 1-Yr6 to log on to our computers
  • We have Policy Central- this produces a report for Mrs Winter of words and searches which are inappropriate and locates this to certain users and laptops. It helps us to keep track of who is on the internet/when and what they are looking at.
  • We have a level of filtering- this means that as a school we have blocked some websites as they are not appropriate for primary schools. This protects you from viewing and accessing websites which may be illegal or contains things which are inappropriate for your age.
  • Meetings with Mrs Gunn