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2019-20 Provision:

After-school Learning - Competitive Sports: Football


Zumba + Yoga

Congratulations to our Dodgeball Team on your fantastic performance and behaviour at the family of schools dodgeball tournament

We had a brilliant day taking part in workshops to tell the story of Ramanya with a choreographer from Westend in Schools during our Diwali festivities.

Autumn 2019 Learning new games skills with Excel Coaching.

Stretch and Breathe

Congratulations to everyone in Karate Club for achieving your new belts.

Congratulations to our end of year badminton competition winners.

Well done to our Year 3 and 4 Dodgeball Team for your fantastic performance and excellent behaviour and attitude during the recent tournament

At Henry Whipple Primary School we believe that physical education in a safe and supportive environment is a unique and vital contributor to a pupil’s physical development and well being. A broad and balanced physical education curriculum is provided to increase all pupils’ self confidence within a variety of situations. Progressive learning objectives, combined with engaging, creative and  varied teaching approaches provide stimulating, enjoyable and appropriately challenging learning experiences for all pupils.

Pupils are also encouraged to appreciate the importance of a healthy body and begin to understand the factors that affect health and fitness.


Provision for 2019 - 2020


We will continue to develop five key areas of PE provision through:

Developing resources and staff expertise to ensure that all pupils are engaged in regular physical activity

  • Raising the profile of PE within school
  • Increasing the confidence and knowledge of all staff through working with specialist coaches and providing additional support
  • Offering a broader range of sports and physical activities in curriculum PE and extracurricular provision
  • Taking part in a range of inter and intra school competitive activities


This year, we will be working with Excel Coaching to provide high quality PE lessons for all children. The teaching staff at Henry Whipple will also be applying the knowledge developed during CPD over the last two years to provide support and additional teaching in PE.


We will continue to take part in inter school competitions with Nottingham Schools Trust.



Provision for 2018 - 2019


Additional coaching provided in the summer term:

Tennis and golf with the Excel coaches

Flexibility, core strength and balance activities with Mrs Chambers and Mrs Burgess

Badminton with Mr White

Year 2 and Year 6 swimming


Our Get Active Week took place in June again this year. The workshops included:

fencing, skateboarding, tennis, yoga, badminton and Quidditch!

Paralympian Sam Ruddock spent a day with us to provide lots of athletics coaching and life skills workshops.




Our Karate, football and Zumba clubs are proving to be very popular and all clubs are now full.


We will be taking part in inter-school fencing, multiskills and football tournaments this term.



Additional coaching provided in the spring term:

Yoga with Mrs Towle

Badminton with Mr White

Cheerleading  with Mrs Haines and The Funky Phantomettes

Tri-golf coaching with Excel coaches

Korfball with students from Nottingham University

Bhangra workshops linked to Vaisaki


Additional coaching provided in the autumn term:

Yoga with Mrs Towle

Badminton with Mr White

Dance with Mrs Haines

Games coaching with Excel coaches






Bhangra workshops with Bollywood Belles linked to Vaisakhi.


Additional Sports Opportunities

Football Club with Excel Coaching

Karate Club with Adaptive Karate

Zumba Club with Mrs Burdell



In Topic Teams, mixed year groups have created and played their  own cooperative games.




PE & School Sport Specialists at Henry Whipple 

2017 - 2018

We have continued to use a range of specialist coaches this year to ensure that the children received quality coaching in all areas of PE. The coaching provided this year included:



Gymnastics coaching with Mrs Haines

Badminton with Mr White

Athletics with Why Nott Coaching

We have also held  additional dance workshops - including maths through dance!

Year 2 and Year 6 are taking part in swimming this term.

KS2 have taken part in climbing, abseiling, tunnelling, orienteering, team building and climbing the high ropes at The Mill.

After last year's success, Get Active Week

We have also had lots of yoga workshops linked to our Wellbeing Week and Get Active Week returned this year (see photos above).


Movement skills (Key Stage 1 and Foundation) with Why Nott Coaching

Dance and gymnastics with Mrs Haines

Lacrosse with Why Nott Coaching

Tennis with coaches from Nottingham Tennis Centre

Badminton with Mr White

Tennis Roadshow with Nottingham Tennis Centre

Whole school Chinese Dance workshops to support our learning about Chinese New Year



Football and rugby with Why Nott Coaching

Badminton with Mr White

Dance with Mrs Haines

The children in KS1 took part in archery sessions linked to their topic on Robin Hood.


Our assessments, budget predictions and action plans are attached at the bottom of this page.




2016 - 2017

We are using a range of specialist providers this year to ensure that each coach is a specialist in the area of PE that they work in.


We held our first ever Get Active Week this term. A range of coaches came into school to introduce the children to new activities. The children took part in skateboarding sessions, karate, hockey, badminton, Fit Kids and lots of different dance activities. You can see some of the photographs taken during the week in the pictures below .


The coaches from Nottingham Tennis Centre and Notts County Football Club are providing lots of exciting activities in school and the chance to take part in additional activities.

The coaching team from Why Nott are providing coaching in badminton, rugby, fundamental movement skills and football.

Mrs Haines is providing dance and cheerleading coaching.

We will be holding our first ever "Get Active Week" with lots of extra coaching in sports that we don't usually take part in such as skateboarding and cheerleading.

Year 4 and Year 2 are swimming this term.



The Adventure Team from WhyNott  provided orienteering activities for KS2 in the school grounds.

Mrs. Haines taught dance linked to our curriculum areas to KS1 this  term.

Mr. White, our badminton coach from WhyNott, worked with Year 3 and Year 5.


Autumn Term:

Premier Education provided cricket coaching for KS2 during the first half term and gymnastics coaching during the second half term. The Bollywood Belles provided dance workshops for the whole school linked to Diwali.


2015 - 2016

A dedicated PE and school sport specialist works in school  for one morning every week delivering high quality PE, sport and physical activity. Additional coaches are provided for specific activities  on a half termly basis to provide high quality teaching and opportunities for staff professional development.


Our specialist PE coach is continuing to teach a range of games and movement skills on Friday mornings. He works with Years 1, 3 and 5 for a half term and Years 2, 4 and 6 for a half term. He is now also providing movement skills coaching in Foundation as part of the half termly rotation. He  also provides a lunchtime dodgeball club.


This term, Mrs Haines will continue to provide dance lessons linked to our topic of Road To Rio. All classes will also be taking part in archery workshops as part of our Olympics theme and Premier Sports are going to provide handball coaching sessions this half term. In addition, Year 6 will be taking part in tennis coaching activities at Nottingham Tennis Centre as part of the Nottingham Open Tennis Tournament. They will also get the chance to watch international players take part in matches.


We have also provided hockey coaching in Key Stage 2 using Major Oak Coaching. The feedback from the children has shown that they have enjoyed learning new skills.


We have used coaches Nottinghamshire County Cricket to develop the children's skills and to provide a very successful after school club.


To fit in with our topic based approach the Bollywood Belles have provided dance tuition linked to our RE. We have also used two specialist dance coaches to provide dance sessions linked to our topic of Europe.


In addition to the School Sports Funding provision, our Year Fives have worked with Notts County to develop their understanding of exercise and fitness as part of a healthy lifestyle and we are taking part in a Healthy Lifestyles initiative provided through Nottingham City.


To help us to provide high quality PE, the children and staff evaluate the PE provision in school. The responses have shown that the children are really enjoying the coaching sessions. They are gaining confidence, learning new skills and applying positive learning behaviours.


Provision in 2014-2015:

This year, children in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 have received coaching in games skills, gymnastics, Zumba and tennis. Classes in Key Stage 2 have also received multisports, badminton and basketball coaching.

The children attending Nurture Group and Breakfast Club have received additional coaching on a weekly basis.

Additional football, netball, Zumba and multi-sports clubs have been provided by external coaches and members of school staff.

Year 6 have been involved in coaching at the Nottingham Tennis Centre.


Provision in 2013-2014:

Autumn 1 saw the delivery of Fundamental Movement Skills through the Real PE programme for years 1-6. We engaged on average 166 children per school week. An additional 17 children  voluntarily participated in after school clubs in dance and general sports. During Autumn 2, students participated in the successful delivery of dance in which they were thoroughly engaged and produced some fantastic work. Spring  1 has seen ALL students participate in gymnastics, initially on the floor developing to the inclusion of apparatus.

After school clubs  were delivered to upper KS2 where 24 children voluntarily participated in street dance clubs,  performing the whole school.

10 year 6's have undertaken training on a Tuesday lunch time where they have given up their own time to train as a P.A.L (Playground Activity Leader) delivering games and activities for other KS2 students during lunch break.


Congratulations to everyone in Karate Club for taking part in your first grading and achieving your belts.

Bhangra workshops linked to Vaisakhi

Our coaching taster session with Robin Hood Gymnastics Club

Get Active Week 2018

Get Active Week 2017

Coaching 2016 - 2017


Sports Funding Plan 2013-2014