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Nottingham Schools Trust

From September 2017, Henry Whipple is a member of the Nottingham Schools Trust.  
This will be an opportunity to work with other city schools to develop our practice and 
provision in a climate of support for all.

This letter explains the partnership in more detail.

Henry Whipple Primary is a member of Nottingham Schools Trust.  In 2017 a group of Nottingham schools joined forces to establish the Nottingham Schools Trust – a collaborative partnership focusing on improving education for the children of Nottingham.  NST has a priority to provide sustainable school to school support to all of the member schools within the trust and take full advantage of the breadth and expertise that already exist in member schools.  NST’s guiding principles are to challenge, support and improve member schools and academies to ensure that all their children succeed. Henry Whipple Primary has a voice in the decision-making process, through the Trust’s open and transparent governance. Moreover, the Trust values the diversity which exists in our schools and actively encourages each school joining the Trust to maintain and further develop its own distinctive culture and identity.

You can find more information about the trust on their web page: