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Reading in Key Stage 2

At Key Stage 2 our main focus in reading is comprehension. Every day the children have a whole class reading lesson in which they practise their fluency in reading, and answer questions about what they have read. We base our lessons around our Reading Toolkit which covers the skills needed to become a confident and independent reader. These skills include the following: being able to visualise what they have just read; make connections with other knowledge that they have about a topic; understand the meaning of different vocabulary; predict what might happen next in a story and work out answers to inference based questions which might be about the characters or how the author has given the reader clues about the plot.

All Key Stage 2 classes have a class book which they read together. As well as reading this for pleasure, the children also analyse the text and discuss their ideas and opinions. They learn about different authors and begin to understand the text types they enjoy. To support reading for pleasure, we have developed Reading Dens in each class, where children can find a range of books to share and enjoy.


Children need to read at home every school day and it is vital that parents or other family members record any comments in the reading diaries. We also advise children to keep a note of any new vocabulary they come across and write down definitions. This can help them to develop their writing skills as well as reading.

Reading fluently and confidently at Key Stage 2 is such an important skill, as it can help the children with all other curriculum areas.