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Admission Arrangements

Henry Whipple Primary School is a City of Nottingham School maintained school. All admissions to main school are organised through Nottingham City admissions.


Follow the link below for access to all documents from Nottingham city including how to apply for places and register your child for school.



Please use the link above to the Nottingham City School Admissions page.


Here you can find all the information on how school places are allocated, first admissions to school and transfer information from Yr 6 to secondary school.


Click on the link above for the admissions policy.

The information above is from Nottingham City Council and includes the KEy Stage 1 and 2 fair access arrangements and guidance.

Admissions Nottingham City 2021 2022

Nottingham City Advice: Going to school in Nottingham City

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the oversubscription criteria?

  • Preference will be given to those living closest to the school as measured in a straight-line(see policy for more detail)


How are places allocated?

Places will be allocated in order of these steps and criteria (1 being the first)-

  1. Pupils looked after by the local authority or previously looked after.
  2.  Pupils who as of the closing date for applications, live within the catchment area and have a brother or sister attending the school.
  3. Pupils who as of the closing date for application, live within the catchment area
  4. Pupils who live outside of the catchment area at the closing date of applications who have a brother or sister attending the school.
  5. Pupils who are attending the nursery
  6. Pupils who live outside of catchment


How do I apply for main school?

Applications for main school must be made to the Local Authority- please see the link above