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Our over-arching philosophy underpinning our school curriculum is:

‘Knowledge is Power’


HWP Curriculum Statement
At HWP we BBA by encouraging a love of learning through rich experiences, fostering curiosity and developing knowledge though an enrichment based curriculum .




At Henry Whipple, we structure our core year-group learning through a cross-curricular approach that encourages children to become investigative, curious and analytical by making connections and links across subject domains whilst being deep rooted to our vision of 'Believe, Belong, Achieve'.


We aim to deliver for our pupils a rich and in-depth coverage of core ‘knowledge teaching’ by providing carefully planned opportunities to investigate and become curious about the world and its people through exploring and developing our pupils’ own ‘wonderings’ (curiosities and questions) about specific themes and teaching topics which build upon previous learning across school.


The needs of the children and the community are at the centre of curriculum to ensure it is relevant and purposeful. Enquiry is at the heart of our approach, encompassing question based learning which is engaging, inspiring and challenging. Through carefully planned enrichment activities and our dedicated ‘Learning Away’ programme, we ensure there is measurable impact on children’s outcomes, including their behaviour, safety and SMSC development.


Developing positive attitudes and learning behaviours is our priority. This encompasses provision which promotes the key skills of communication, problem solving, team work, reflect & review, participating effectively, investigating and self-managing & independence.


If you have any questions about our curriculum please make an appointment to see our Headteacher

Mrs Burgess by speaking with Mrs Kaur at our school office.


You can also follow this link: where you can find detailed information on each subject area and programme of study from the government.


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Our Knowledge Curriculum Statement