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Reading in year 4

Visit to Central Library

Year 4 visited the new Nottingham Central Library. We listened to a story about how books are organised in the library and then we explored the different sections. Each child chose a library book to take home with them. We now read these books in class as part of our book club time. 

Spring class reader

Year 4 are reading Toad Rage by Morris Gleitzman. The story follows Limpy a cane toad in Australia who is on a mission to understand why humans hate cane toads. We had to do some research about what cane toads were and what is happening in Australia. We learnt that cane toads don't originally come from Australia but now they are taking over the land!

We feel very sorry for Limpy because none of the other toads think that humans hate them. Limpy is a very determined character and never gives up on his journey to find a human. 

Morris Gleitzman has written a whole series of books about Limpy. This website has more information about the series:


Autumn 2 class reader

Year 4 are reading Stitch Head by Guy Bass. Before we began reading the book, we made predictions about the story based on the front cover. We thought Stitch Head was going to be an evil character who controlled monsters- but we were wrong!

Stitch Head is lonely in a castle full of a mad professor's creatures. He is very lonely and doesn't know how to be friends with someone else. We feel very sorry for Stitch Head and we are hoping that he finds his confidence and steps out into the real world. We really like the character called creature because he is very strange and funny. The book also has short poems before each chapter which we really enjoy performing!
Guy Bass has written a whole series of Stitch Head stories. This website has more information: 

Autumn class reader


Year 4 are reading The Firework Maker’s Daughter by Phillip Pullman.

The story is about a girl called Lila who is desperate to be a firework maker just like her dad Lalchand. Lalchand wants his daughter to marry and be a wife so he doesn’t tell her the secret to becoming a firework maker. Lila decides to run away and discover how to become a firework maker on her own. This means she finds herself in lots of dangerous situations but luckily her friends Chulak and Hamlet come to her rescue. Will she finally achieve her dream? Will her dad forgive her for running away?

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