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Challenge Partners is a practitioner-led national network of schools that improves school performance through peer-to-peer challenge and knowledge sharing. Each school in Challenge Partners receives an annual Quality Assurance (QA) Review. The QA Review is a peer review involving senior leaders from other schools in the partnership. The review has a whole school remit and focuses on teaching and learning, which enables practitioners to have deep conversations about the quality of teaching the school.


All outcomes are agreed by the school and the review team.


The QA Review is different from other external inspections and has a focus mainly on teaching and learning.  The outcomes are not directly comparable to an Ofsted inspection.

Challenge Partners March 23


We have been awarded  an Area of Excellence for our work on Cognitive Science 

From our report:

"Cognitive science strategies are at the heart of the teaching, learning and vision across the whole curriculum. The school’s commitment to this approach is evident in the seven-year investment of time and effort"


Key outcomes:


  • The promotion of pupils’ self-belief and aspirations is a golden thread that
    binds all aspects of the school.
  • Pupils develop extremely positive attitudes to learning.
  • All teaching staff are seen as leaders
  • The wellbeing of pupils and staff has high priority. Support for pupils’ mental
    health is manifold and includes specific activities such as yoga and forest
  • Progress through the early years is impressive
  • Pupils benefit from the sharp focus on key learning during ‘learning away’
  • High quality phonics teaching and results in strong outcomes in the Year 1

June 2022- Challenge Partners Report

Key outcomes from our Challenge Partners 2022 report


  • Behaviours for learning are very positive across school
  • Pupils are curious, interested, resilient and not afraid to make mistakes 
  • Highly positive relationships with teachers 
  • Teachers have planned carefully sequenced knowledge 
  • Pupils are given plenty of opportunities to develop their leadership skills
  • High expectations of behaviour and conduct 

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