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E Safety

E Safety is an integral part of our Computing and PSHE curriculum as well as playing a vital role in the safeguarding of our pupils and underpinning all aspects of the curriculum.

We have developed E Safety lessons to ensure all children throughout school have the opportunity to learn about the benefits but also the risks and dangers associated with the digital world and using computers, the internet and mobile phones.

We aim to equip pupils with a wide knowledge of the digital world, its uses and also how to react and respond to different situations they may find themselves in and give them the tools to act as responsible users of new and developing technologies. We recognise our responsibility to educate pupils to manage risks, rather than over manage our systems and shield from all situations.  We encourage our pupils to take responsibility and make decisons when presented with situations which may not be suitable. This in turn aids them to then manage their behaviour when using technology outside of school and the wider community.


To further develop our pupils as safe and responsible users and contributors to the digital world we have Digital Leaders from each year group to champion staying safe and support their peers when using technologies and also working online.

Safer Internet Day 2021- Tik Tok Guidance

It is really important to note the age guide is 12 and above.


We do not recommend any children use Tik Tok with their own account or an open account. The information above is to support parents.

Parent digital safety magazine

November 2020- new apps you need to know about

Autumn Term 2020


As we are using technology more and more and also for remote learning and working at home, try a pledge for you and your family


Common Sense Media


Please use the link above to explore a variety of apps/music/films and TV programmes which have been reviewed for different age ranges and their suitability.

E Safety 


Follow recent staff CPD we have additional website that can support your childs safety and security whilst online. We will use them in school and please share them together at home.



Below is an article for parents which shares the thinkyouknow websites newest resources and games for 8-10year olds called band runner.

July 2020

During the summer break it is vital we work together to ensure the safety of our pupils online. Below is some information about the most popular apps we know our children access, the risks and dangers. Also some advice on privacy controls. 

New support and advice during COVID home online learning MArch 2020


During these unprecendented times we are working much more online and using the internet. It is vital we ensure our children are protected and below are some links to help and give advice.


This is the most important to acess and read and is from the government.



Follow the link below to the NSPCC where you can find guidance on parental locks and controls, apps and a parents guide to Minecraft.


You can report abuse online using this link:

NEW for JAN 2019


How to reduce screen time


In light of the newest RCPCH report click on the document below for tips on screen time



Please click on the link below to find advice on managing the risks of online streaming in games and apps.

NEW May 2018


Further to staff training please see the attached link for advice on new apps. They include suggested age ranges for us and risks they may pose.


Specific Advice


CEOP website have released new videos and information to help parents talk to their children about e safety, relationships and the internet. Please view the video below and use the website link for more information.


Modern day Romeo & Juliet

What would the story of Romeo & Juliet look like in the present day? Star-crossed teens messaging, sending snaps and taking risks - all without their parents being aware. The world changes. Children don't. That's why it's important to talk to your child about sex, relationships and the internet.

Our SMART E Safety Rules

Prevent Duty and E Safety

In line with the Prevent Duty 2015 at Henry Whipple we recognise that the internet can provide children and young people with access to some information which may be harmful or share and promote extremist views.  As a school we have the follow safeguarding procedures in place linked to preventing radicalisation, E – Safety and the use of digital devices:

  • Strict filtering systems through Nottingham Schools IT 

  • Extremist, inappropriate and illegal content blocked, including key words and phrases linked to this via the Nottingham School IT service.

  • Both our Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher have had lead WRAP training from the Local Authority including how the internet can be use by extremists, including the use of social media to share their messages and recruit. Whole staff prevent training and refershers take place annually.

  • Acceptable use policies to reflect the preventing of radicalisation and related extremist content. This was done in conjunction with Digital Leaders, Pupil ambassadors and staff.

  • Digital Leaders @ Ks2 to receive age appropriate training annually on E Safety including preventing radicalisation and how to report inappropriate content.


You can access the government prevent duty here:


Specific government advice about the prevent duty and keeping children safe:


Advice for Parents-



Click this icon to link to the CEOP web page. Here you can gain advice and help if you suspect a child is being exploited online.