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Junior Leadership and Ambassadors

Latest JLT / Ambassador minutes

This Year we are working on improving our health .

Autumn Term - Healthy Eating focus

Spring term - Get Active

This years Ambassadors are -:


Sanaya , Fatima, Safalta and Clavany .


They will be supported by our Junior Leadership Team who are -:

Abigail , Abele, Sofia , Maya, Michel, Laraya , Guy, , Ramone ,Sophia ,Chnika and Henry.

Apply for a school resposibility role for the next academic year NOW! (2020-21)

Welcome to our Junior Leaders and Ambassadors Team page



Our JLT  and Ambassadors have been elected to their important

role through a full democratic process in school as part of our British Values Election Week.

They play a key role in reflecting pupil voice to the Senior Leadership Team and impacting upon future events in school.

JLT 2019/2020        &  Ambassadors 2019/202

Congratulations to:


Keira, Philemon, Taylor and Clijsters


who have gained the majority share of our whole-school votes during British Values Week to become our new Pupil Ambassadors for 2019-20.


Our Junior Leadership Team for this academic year are:

Year 6

Antonio and Quezia


Year 5

Ronnie and Given


Year 4

Krishan and Cara


Year 3

Benjamin and Renaya


Year 2

Ethan and Olivia

Year 1
Ma-Nyima and Kai


JLT/Ambassador Minutes 9.3.20 - International Food Festival

Congratulations to Ethan and Oliwia who are the new JLT members in Year 2.

This half term JLT and Ambassadors will be supporting the organisation of our 'International Food Festival' this space !

Ambassadors/JLT - Christmas Sweet Cones fundraising - Well done we made a profit !

Lasian and Keira's letter to parents about school dinners based on their own research - joint work with the ECO team .

Primary Parliament - Focus reducing plasic and improving Nottingham City.

JLT/ ambassador - November minutes

Ambassadors and JLT have been busy !

From Octobers actions all JLT members have consulted classes about school dinners. Keira and Taylor have met with the school cook to discuss these and our ideas . We already have a Chinese New Year theme meal planned for 2020.

Ambassadors/ JLT - October 2019

We collected Harvest donations for our local foodbank .

JLT Assembly September 19


JLT delivered an assembly to the rest of the pupils today. We introduced ourselves and explained what we wanted to achieve whilst we are JLT. We then gave the children information about the Aldi kits for school competition. We need to collect as many stickers as possible to be in with a chance of winning £20000 for HWP! We then explained what a food bank is and their purpose, as a food bank project is something we would be interested in implementing this term.

JLT Easter Film Night


We decided to host a film and pizza night to raise money. We watched "Hop" and lots of children attended the event. We raised over £220.


A Good Food Garden

- By Clijsters

"At Primary Parliament we talked about how were going to improve our garden and have good flowers and vegetables. In the drawing you can see recycle bins to keep our garden clean. We could also plant flowers and have equipment in the gardens. We could plant some vegetables for the food bank. And we could get a shed in the garden so it is easier to get the equipment out. On the left, is the pond. We could add some fish to the pond. We could have vegetables for our school. And we could plant more flowers for Mother's and Father's day. We could also plant some fruit. We have also though about the risks and how to minimise these."

Primary Parliament Spring Term


Four members of JLT have represented our school at the Spring session of Primary Parliament today. We discussed 'good food gardens', and what this might look like at our school. We designed a garden and presented our ideas to the rest of Primary Parliament and a Councillor and the Director for Education. We also discussed the New Central Library that is going to be built in Nottingham. We suggested things that we would like to see in a library and which of these would be most important.

Primary Parliament


Y6 JLT have attended Primary Parliament at the Council House. JLT have discussed jobs in future, and how the opportunities available now may change in the future. JLT have also discussed the air quality in Nottingham. The children went into the market square to examine the factors that contribute towards air quality in our city. JLT discussed and compared the factors affecting the air quality around our school and others in the city. We hope to use an air quality kit to monitor the air in different areas of the playground.


Children in Need cake sale


JLT organised a cake sale for children in need. With a great amount of cakes donated, JLT managed to raise a fantastic amount of money for the charity. Thank you for all your cake donations and contributions.


Congratulations to our Junior Leaders, who received the Emotional Health and Wellbeing Charter certificate: recognising Henry Whipple's commitment to a positive and healthy learning lifestyle. We are the first school to be awarded this accolade - well done everyone!


Our 2018-2019 Junior Leadership Team Members:

Our members for this academic year are:


Year 1:

Hermelia & Ishmael


Year 2:

Bella & Xavi


Year 3:

Benet & Jeozidaque


Year 4:

Clavany & Tori


Year 5:

Clijsters & Taylor


Year 6:

Mya, Lucas, Jade, Cameron & Alicia


These role-models will also be leading new lunch time games this academic year for other pupils...

Recent JLT events:


  • Coordinating fundraising for World Book Day and promoting a Book Swap Shop in selected classes
  • Fundraising at our disco and film nights for improving our class reading dens and purchasing new exciting books for our classrooms
  • Working in Topic TEAMs to prepare healthy foods to sell
  • Discussing progress and next steps with Mr O'Leary
  • Pupil voice on how our learning can be improved
  • Coordinating Easter Enterprise Week as part of our Money Management teaching
  • Coordinating our Summer end of year events for the whole school
  • Action planning to improve teaching in our school (knowledge organiser recommendations)

Junior Leadership Team- Job Description

As a member of the Junior Leadership Team you will act as a link between your Class, your Class Teachers, Senior Leaders and School Governors. Team members have a vital and special role in making sure that all the children in our school are listened to and have a voice about how they want our school to be.

You will need to make sure that everybody is doing all that they can to fulfil our school vision, promoting:


‘Believe, Belong, Achieve’


Some things that you will do:

1. Attending meetings – you will need to come to all our meetings once every half term

2. Bring what you need to the meeting and look after any information you are given

3. Listen to the views and opinions of your class and bring ideas that will improve our school

4. Respect everyone’s ideas and opinions

5. Give information to your class – ask your teacher for a time to do this

6. Present ideas during assembly with Mr O'Leary

7. Work with other adults and governors to audit and improve areas of our school

Congratulations to our newly elected Junior Leaders for the forthcoming academic year.  These children have been elected by their peers and identified as role-models who will be a communication link between senior leaders and pupils to work towards school improvements for pupils' learning.

JLT- Make 5 Grow- Tuck Shops Plans


JLT have been busy planning how they will make 5 grow. We have planned to test out a tuck shop at playtimes on Fridays.


We have talked about what kind of things we can sell, which are healthy and also which would  be popular.


Click on the document below to see the survey we have made to get everyone's ideas.

Children In Need Assembly

Our Second Assembly: How to play safely and sensibly with our new equipment