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Queens Jubilee menu

Menu September 2021

Updated dinner menu 26.03.2021

New lunch menu 22.2.21 - 19.7.21

Christmas dinner menu Friday 18th December

Bonfire menu 5th November 2020

Updated food menu October 2020

Lunch menu 1.09.2020 - 1.02.2021

Lunch Menu 20.04.20-24.07.2020

Lunch Menu 4.11.19 - 30.03.2020

Free School Meal Arrangements

All F2, Year 1 & Year 2 children are now entitled to a school meal which is free of charge. However if you are entitled to FREE SCHOOL MEALS you still need to apply so that your child receives their entitlement to free school milk. Please see office staff for an application form.


For every child who receives a free school meal our school receives additional funding.  This funding keeps all costs for 'Learning Away', visitors and clubs to a minimum and enables other resourcing to benefit your child’s learning – see Pupil Premium Spend on the website.  We STRONGLY encourage ALL children who are entitled to a free school meal to have one. There is no legal obligation for school to provide for packed lunches but we can still currently accommodate this; however please do not send your child with chocolate, sweets, chocolate products or fizzy/energy drinks.


School has changed its school meal procedures from 2nd September 2018.  For those parents who need to pay for school meals (children in Years 3,4,5 & 6), dinner money MUST be paid every Monday (£2.05 per day) to ensure your child will have school meals for that week.  If we believe you are not following this procedure, school may not provide a meal for your child.

In addition, please remember children are only allowed to default from their set meal pattern each half term.   Please see Mrs Kaur in the office if you wish to change your child’s meal arrangements.  For those parents whose children are now in full time F2, previously in Nursery AM, please come to the office to set up your default meal pattern.





Our family service

New Menus - April 2019 - October 2019

Amended School Menu 2019

FAMILY SERVICE - Dinner Arrangements

We operate a ‘family service’ system which promotes responsibility amongst our oldest children and encourages conversation around the table. Midday staff will circulate the dining room to ensure children act responsibly towards each other, that they have a good standard sized portion of food and that table manners are at their best. Children are also taught to use knives and forks properly.  Family service ensures that the children sit together at the same time and share a meal; children will sit at the same table every day and on their table will be children from different classes across school.

Family Service

Feedback from children regarding our Family Service


Children were asked what do you think of our catering arrangements 'Family Service'

The response was as follows:

Millie Waterfall Anderson Year 6," Awesome-because you don't have to line up anymore"

Ryan Duignam Year 4, " I like it because the food is brought to us"

Theo McLaughlin Year 2, " Everyone gets to eat together"

David Gojtka Year 3, " You don't queue for the food the grown ups help put the food out"

Precious Warner Cole Year 6, "Its better because children get to sit down straight away and the food is brought to us"

Mariella Sanvee," The food is yummy especially the carrots!!"