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School Meals

FAMILY SERVICE - Dinner Arrangements

We operate a family service system which ensures children have the opportunity to sit together, share a meal and conversation with all children across our school.


This is an integral part of our 'Believe, Belong, Achieve' vision which supports our strong collective identity as a school and promotes responsibility amongst our oldest children.


We ensure children are taught to use knives and forks,  have courtesy and good manners whilst eating.

Our family service

New Menu for September 2024

Our school does not serve Pork as a meal choice.

There is a vegetarian option available and we do serve halal meat.

Please let the office know of any other dietary requirements. 

Free School Meal Arrangements

All F2, Year 1 & Year 2 children are now entitled to a school meal which is free of charge. However if you are entitled to FREE SCHOOL MEALS you still need to apply so that your child receives their entitlement to free school milk. Please see office staff for an application form.


For every child who receives a free school meal our school receives additional funding.  This funding keeps all costs for 'Learning Away', visitors and clubs to a minimum and enables other resourcing to benefit your child’s learning – see Pupil Premium Spend on the website.  We STRONGLY encourage ALL children who are entitled to a free school meal to have one. There is no legal obligation for school to provide for packed lunches but we can still currently accommodate this; however please do not send your child with chocolate, sweets, chocolate products or fizzy/energy drinks.


School has changed its school meal procedures from 2nd September 2018.  For those parents who need to pay for school meals (children in Years 3,4,5 & 6), dinner money MUST be paid every Monday (£2.50 per day) to ensure your child will have school meals for that week.  If we believe you are not following this procedure, school may not provide a meal for your child.

In addition, please remember children are only allowed to default from their set meal pattern each half term. Please see Mrs Shaw  in the office if you wish to change your child’s meal arrangements.