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Reading in year 1

In the Autumn term, Year 1 are following the story of Otto Blotter, a young boy from a family of famous bird spotters. However, Otto is not like his family and does not share their passion for spending day after day, spotting birds. What will happen on his adventures when he finds the most unique and interesting bird he has ever seen? 



In this term, Year 1 will be exploring the tale of the Lonely Beast. Rumours say that there is only one beast in each country so they are very rare. This beast decided that on this day, he felt very lonely. Follow him as he travels the world in search of other bests like him? How will he find them if they are so rare? Where will he go? Who will he meet?



In this part of the Spring term, Year 1 will be reading about a very small but might little lady. Min lives with her aunts at the bottom of a huge garden. However, living in a garden can be incredibly dangerous when you're the size of a pin. Follow Min as she searches for her an opportunity to go on her own adventure, so that she has her own mighty tale to tell her aunts. What dangerous creatures lurk in the garden? How will she overcome the challenges that she might face? 



This half term in Year 1 are reading about a strange object that has fallen into the tiny world of some garden creatures. It Fell from the Sky by the Fan Brothers is a wonderful story about how the ordinary becomes extraordinary in others eyes. What will they do with this object from the sky? How will they use it? Follow the tiny creatures of the world and find out.


For the Summer term, Year 1 will be reading about a mysterious thief. Now, this is not a typical thief who wants gold and jewels. This thief wants the tears of crying children. Learn how this enchanting thief travels around in the night visiting as many crying children as she can, swiping the precious tears they cry. Why does this thief want the tears so badly? What does she use them for? Which kind of tears are the most precious?