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Top Tips to stay safe

Staying Safe Online-

  • Keep your personal information to yourself- don't give out your address, email address, mobile number or
  • Keep pictures and videos of yourself and friends private. Think carefully about posting any photo or video of yourself- never post one which shows your school uniform as it links to where you live.  Once you've put a picture online anyone can see it and share it.
  • Keep your passwords to yourself- don't share with others.
  • Don't make friends with people you don't know and never meet someone you have met online. Always speak to your parents or carers if people want to make friends online.
  • Always think about things you write online-  make sure everything is respectful to yourself and others.
  • People aren't always who they say they are online


Staying Safe using your phone-

  •  Keep your phone number private-  always talk to your grown ups about which friends/people you can give your number to.
  • Don't reply to numbers you don't know
  • Don't reply to nasty messages- tell a grown up straight away.  Keep the messages you have been sent so you can show them to a grown up.
  • If you are sent inappropriate messages/photos or videos- show a trusted grown up straight away.
  • Don't share video and photos with those you don't know
  • Don't feel pressured to send photos or videos to others- think carefully and talk to a grown up and ask for advice.
  • Remember-snapchat app- you may think these photos are only there for seconds- BUT there are ways to save the photos - people can share these on to others