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Year 2 swimming letter to parents

Year 6 Swimming letter to parents

Queens platinum Jubilee

Guidance for parents from DFE regarding changes in England to COVID-19

Spring 2 -Whole school newsletter from Mrs Burgess

World book day 3.3.2022

Children's wellbeing week

Newsletter to parents - new COVID arrangements

Pizza muffin ingredient list

Whole school newsletter Jan 2022

End of year letter to parents Dec 2021

Latest news for parents December 21

Allergen list for 12 days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas letter

Elf day and Film night

Winter Fair 2021

Whole school newsletter November 2021

PE letter - November

PE update letter

Hello yellow day 08.10.2021

Harvest letter

Foundation 2 - Autumn 1 newsletter

Class 1 - Autumn 1 newsletter

Class 2 - Autumn 1 newsletter

Class 3 - Autumn 1 newsletter

Class 4 - Autumn 1 newsletter

Class 5 - Autumn 1 newsletter

Class 6 - Autumn 1 newsletter

Whole school newsletter September 2021

School structure September 2021

RSE Year 6 Letter

COVID-19 Letter to parents

Confirmed case within school April 28th 2021

Year 1 summer 1 newsletter

Year 2 summer 1 newsletter

Year 3 summer 1 newsletter

Year 4 summer 1 newsletter

Year 5 summer 1 newsletter

Year 6 summer 1 newsletter

End of spring newsletter to all of school

Year 6 Spring newsletter

Year 5 Spring newsletter

Year 4 Spring newsletter

Year 3 Spring newsletter

Year 2 Spring newsletter

Year 1 Spring newsletter

Foundation 2 Spring newsletter

Newsletter week 4

Important update for parents

Joint newsletter to all families week 3

Letter from Mrs Burgess

Contact tracing over the Christmas period

Whole school newsletter December 2020

If needed please request paper copies of these letters via the school office. Please phone and speak to Miss Clarke or Mrs Kaur regarding these copies.

Christmas at HWP 2020

Parent digital safety magazine

Whole School Newsletter November 2020

Updated collection times 05/10/2020

Next Steps for Children With COVID-19 Symptoms

PE Newsletter for Year 1 - 6

Whole School Newsletter 04.09.20

Important Letter regarding Cornoavirus

Homework arrangements from 16th March 2020

Whole School Newsletter 2020

Individual & Sibling Photos

Year 4 & 5 Learning Away at University of Nottingham


5th June 2019



Dear Parent/Carer


The new parent app – easy access to important school information

We now have a convenient new way to share information with you about your child’s school life.  From 14th May, you will be able to access our new parent app and website.

You can access the system from a smartphone, tablet or PC – anytime, anywhere.

  • Access to update your contact details, so we always have the most up-to-date information in case of emergency
  • If you have more than one child at school, you’ll have access to information for all your children, from the same app.

The information that you receive through the app will help you to stay up-to-date with your child’s school life as well as support your child’s development and progress. 

Getting started with the SIMS Parent app

  1. We will send you an activation email, simply click on the link from your tablet, PC or smartphone to activate your account
  2. You can then login using your normal Facebook, Twitter, Google or Microsoft username and password
  3. From your smartphone or tablet, download the app from the Google Play or Apple App store - search for SIMS Parent
  4.       From a PC or Windows phone, login online at  

Please note that your activation email is unique to you and should not be used by anyone else.  If you require an additional login then please contact your school.

Your activation email will expire after 14 days if it is not used, please contact your school if you require a replacement after this date.

Yours faithfully


Mrs Burgess

Head Teacher


Summer Term 2 Newsletter / PE Newsletter

Year 4 Learning Away Birmingham Museum

Staffing September 2019

Year 6- Swimming

Parent Consultation Group: Sex & Relationships Education

Holiday requests in Term Time

Year 3 - Butterley Station 30.4.19

School Budget Letter

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Mothers Day Friday 29th March

Febuaury 2019 School Newsletter

Nativity Letter to parents of F2 & KS1

F2 & Class 1 & 2 Nativity - The Magical Christmas Jigsaw

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Harvest 2018

Sports Day Arrangements 2018

Internet Safety Meeting Thursday 12th July 2018

Wellbeing Week 18.06.18

Summer 2 Whole School PE & Newsletter

PE Newsletter

Spring 1 Newsletter 2018

Christmas Dates/Events 2017

Christmas Party at HWP!

Children In Need Friday 17th November

Parental Permission Consent

PLEASE ENTER INTO MESSAGE: Child's Name, Class and Trip / Event permission is being given for.