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Key Stage Two Performance Data

Key Stage 2 Performance Data 2014


At the end of Key Stage 2 when children are in Year 6 most will complete tests in Reading, Writing and Maths. There is also a test on Spelling, Punctuation and Grammer which is known as SPAG.  The reading and maths tests are then externally marked, with writing being teacher assessed. Following the test results and teacher assessment children are assigned a level based on their knowledge and skils and the ability to apply these.


The national age related expectation for children at the end of Year 6 is a level 4b.


Our Key Stage 2 data 2014


  % Working at Level 4 % Working at Level 5
SPAG 62.5% 29.2%
Reading 75% 25%
Writing 87.5% 16.7%
Maths 66.7% 20%