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Art Leaders

Art Leaders

Our Arts Team members have been elected to work as a team and contribute towards the planning and events of ARTS subjects.



They play a key role in art projects class or school based and also within the wider community and will work as a team and contribute towards the planning and events of ARTS subjects.




Congratulations to the the new Art Leaders who have been selected from each year group to join the ARTS team 2023/24 



Our Art Leaders 

Year 1 - Ahmad

Year 2 - Kinisiri

Year 3 -Abhishek

Year 4 - Yashmin

Year 5 - Aimua

Year 6 - Ismael 


We have a busy year ahead of us and look forward to planning new projects across the art subjects and aim to share some new ideas for upcoming events within school.






Welcome Back



Autumn 1


We had our first Art Leaders meeting after school to get a better understanding of our role, responsibilities and any ideas we had. We discussed the six areas within art and how that would look in school. When looking at previous events on the schools website we spoke about what worked well and the even better if's. We then looked at what resources we have in school to help expand our ideas for upcoming events. 




Autumn 2


Another term approaches and this time our Art Leaders are having a look at projects over the Year. We recently had a meeting on 16th November to design our own Art Gallery to display each classes art work each term relating their current class artist. This will give the children a chance to showcase their learning and fantastic creations. We also discussed the upcoming "Christmas Sing a Long" which will be held in December involving all year groups, so keep a look out for times and dates. 



To access more information about our meeting please check out our minutes attached below. 


Our Art Leaders Completed our Art Gallery and displayed it in the corridor outside the lunch hall. 


Spring 1 

Our Art Leaders met up for their termly meeting to discuss current and upcoming events in school. 


**Please see minutes attached for this meeting**

Spring 2

Our Art leaders had their termly meeting to organise "A Red Breakfast" for Red nose day this term which will be delivered on the 15th March. Please look out for photo updates of this event. 



Friday 15th March

Summer 2 


Today was our final our Art leaders meeting and we discussed our journey throughout the year and came together to think of What worked well and Even better if. 

Please see below our final minutes. 



Summer 1 


Today our art leaders came together to discuss upcoming events within school, planned and  prepared resources for them. 


Please see our minutes attached -


** Additionally ** Please see Twitter for our World day for Cultural diversity celebrations

Spring 2


This term we came together to look at the progress we have made since our last meeting and discuss all upcoming events. We created some photos to display in classrooms to bring awareness to Red Nose Day on Friday 17th March where the Art leaders will be holding a cake sale to raise money for Comic Relief. 

Spring 1


This term our Art Leaders have focused on the school as a whole and how we could improve our art displayed in the classrooms as well as having a designated area in school that's focused on art. We also looked ahead to plan events that include the whole school in drama and dance as well as a world culture and diversity day. 

Stay tuned to see what we have planned ...



Autumn Term


We welcomed our art leaders back to school by getting them involved in a huge project for the "Singing Mermaid" show at the Lakeside Arts. Take a look at our minutes to see what else we focused on this half term. 




Summer 2  

Thank you to all of the Art leaders for their contributions towards the Art projects within school. Together we have managed to prepare a mixture of music, dance, art, drama and DT projects into the school year for all to enjoy. What a pleasure it has been to work with you all and I hope you continue to show your creativeness within school. 

Good luck everyone!





Summer 1




To celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee we held a concert for parents where the children from each class performed a dance or song from a different decade that they had been practising over the Summer term.  

Can you guess which decade each class were?




As a whole school project we also created Queens Head Stamp portraits designed using different art techniques and patterns. 

Check them out on display within school!


Art Leaders Meeting Summer 1



The Art Leaders had a meeting this term to discuss upcoming events in school and organised what they needed to prepare for each celebration. 

Please take a look at the minutes for the meeting. 

Art Leaders Spring 2 


The Art Leaders came together in a meeting this term to discuss upcoming events within school and organise projects for each class. 

Please see minutes attached 

Art Leaders Spring 1 



This week the Art Leaders came together to discuss what they have done so far within their role and the next steps they want to take. Check out the minutes to keep up to date with their progress. 

Art  Leaders Autumn 2  


The Art leaders have had a busy term already and participated in many school activities. We also have a lot of upcoming events before the Christmas half term so keep your eyes peeled for any photos coming up. Please see the minutes attached below for recent projects. 

Congratulations to the the new Art Leaders who have been selected from each year group to join the ARTS team 2021/22. 

We have a busy year ahead of us and are looking forward to planning new projects across the art subjects and getting new ideas down for upcoming events within school. Look out for our upcoming minutes which will detail our next steps.