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Key Stage 1 Performance Data 2015

Key Stage 1 Performance Data 2015


Phonics Screening

During the Summer Term in Year 1 all children across the country will complete a Phonics Screening Check.  The government release the pass mark after the test has been taken and a % of those that have passed is then calculated. For those that do not pass in Year 1, they retake the test the following year in Year2.


Our Most Recent  Year 1 Phonics Screening Results  June 2015

School Pass % June 2015 Local Authority Pass % June 2015
83.3% 68.8%


Congratulations to all our Year 1 children- What fantastic results! We have improved 19% since June 2014!


Year 2 Phonics retake results June 2014

Number retaking test Number passing % passed
14 12 85.7%


Year 2 SATS

At the end of Year 2 (which is the end of Key Stage 1), most children will complete tests in Reading, Writing and Maths.  The results of the test are strongly underpinned by teacher assessment, children are then given a level.

The age related expectation for the end of Year 2 is 2b, children working at 2a or 3c are above age related expectations.


Year 2 SATS data 2015



  % working at 2c and above % working at 2b and above % working at 3c
Reading 83.3% 80% 23.3%
Writing 80% 60% 6.7%
Maths 86.7% 76.7% 20%


Well done Year 2!- 

Reading at 2c is up from 2014 6%, Reading at 2b is up from 2014 28.3%.

Writing at 2c is up 14.5% from 2014, Writing at 2b is up 18.6% from 2014.

Maths at 2c is up 3.9% from 2014, Maths at 2b is up 31.9% at 2b from 2014.