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Advice on Parental locks for technologies

Parental Locks, controls and settings


To help keep your child safe online and when using technologies including gaming and mobile phones you can access a range of controls. However even with the best filtering a child can still stumble across something unsuitable or upsetting, here is where the E Safety skills of managing risk and the SMART rules will aid your child to deal with this in a responsible way.


Parental controls include:

  • Filtering and restriciton of access to some sites
  • Time Limits
  • Monitoring: You will be informed of some of the sites your child has accessed
  • Reporting:  Information about what sites your child has accessed


At school we have a variety of methods which include filtering and reporting. We filter some sites that children can access and also have weekly monitoring reports. However we believe as a school that it is important to not 'over manage and filter' our system and our responsibility is to teach children how to manage any of the risks when using technologies and respond in a safe way. We recognise that whilst we are able to control filters in school, this is not always the case when children are using technologies outside of school, therefore we aim to teach children how to manage and respond to materials.