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Newsletter from Mrs Burgess


                                                                                                                                            April  2020



Dear Parents and Carers


Week 5 of LOCKDOWN – hoping you are all safe and well.



We are particularly thinking of some of our families who we know are now affected by COVID19, we hope you get well soon. PLEASE follow the government guidance do not let anyone into your house unless they already live there or go to anyone elses house or meet up with them as you will be putting your own life and other peoples at risk .

Teaching and Learning

Thank you to everyone in supporting your child’s learning as this will help them stay on track and be ready for the imminent move up to the next year group – remember we normally move up at the end of June. As you know it is only 2 hrs a day but that is 10 hrs a week so 30 hrs so far.

We will continue to post Reading to be completed first, SPAG and Maths every day and then once a week Science and Knowledge. There is no expectation to do anymore. Spanish is optional alongside ‘Team’ tasks which will be posted on their respective pages on the website. It is also vital that work is either uploaded or children record their work straight onto the blog so that we can complete our records of engagement, mark work and avoid staff wasting resources by ringing you about this.


Part of our role at the moment is making sure everyone is safe and well and we love to hear how you and your children all of which is why we do need to contact you. If we cannot contact parents via phone or email we get worried and may need to contact other services, so please respond to us as soon as you can.

Emergency childcare

Government advice remains the same the safest place for your child is AT HOME however if you are in a family where all adults are keyworkers (as per the government list) or you are receiving support from social care or other support services you may be eligible for an emergency childcare place at school on a part time or full time basis. Please contact Mrs Burgess via the school email if you feel you need a place because your child cannot be cared for at home but please understand childcare is not a service for getting on-line learning done .


Finally I just want to say I know this is a challenging, stressful time for everyone but we are a strong community at HWP and we will all get through this in the best way possible by working together. If you need anything contact us via the school email and if we can’t help we will be able to signpost you to a service that can. Please BE KIND if you mention our school on social media or don’t mention us at all, we are all working extremely long hours every day and through any holiday to support our community as you all are.


Stay safe and well and look after each other and thank you for all for the amazing work you are doing whether that be at home or work or both – each individual effort is so valued and is so vital to our children and our school community.


Mrs Burgess