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SMSC Development

Summer term:

Assembly themes:

  • The London Marathon - Determination and overcoming adversity
  • Lailat at Miraj - Prophet Mohammed's story
  • Vesak
  • Visit from Rev. Chris Easton
  • International Families Day
  • Christian Aid Week
  • Democracy in Action: Henry Whipple - Your Vote Counts! (ambassador launch)
  • What does Respect sound like / look like / feel like?
  • Ascension Day - instructions for us all

Summer term: Election time: Your Vote Counts!

We are busy preparing for our in-school Pupil Ambassadors election for September. Year 5 have completed their expressions of interest and these are currently being carefully considered by Mrs Burgess, Mrs Winter and Mr O'Leary.  Watch this space for the election campaigns to begin...

Carnival Learning Together

Summer term: Carnival Culture - Learning Together

To enhance our whole-school learning theme of 'Carnival' we held a Learning Together culture event inviting parents and carers to work alongside their child to produce a large-scale art masterpiece! The finished result looks very impressive and can be seen in Key Stage 1's hub space. Come take a look...

April: Homework Celebration

What an exciting Friday afternoon! All the children who have been working hard on their homework through the spring term have been rewarded. Children were divided into groups to participate in sports activities, arts and craft and a film.

Check out some of the photos.  

St George's Day

Monday 24th April 2017


Check out the tasty meal for St George's Day.

Wholemeal Breaded Fish


Vegetarian Sausage


Garden Peas

Jam Roly Poly and Custard



Picture 1
What a marvellous day at the Council House, we had lots of discussions and debates. We had to think about the future, how to be reduce pollution and how technology supports us.

Check out our pictures with Councillor Webster

Check out our pictures with Councillor Webster  1
Check out our pictures with Councillor Webster  2

World Book Day


What an exciting World Book Day we had. We had the opportunity to dress up as our favourite character, share books and complete activities in our classes.


Who is your favourite character? Why?



We had an exciting visit from Diane who teaches about the British Values. She helped Year 4 and 5 to understand what happens in parliament and explained the difference between the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The children then had a debate about whether children should be allowed to bring their own electronic devices to school or not. The children had to address the speaker and stand up if they wanted to speak. All the children had the opportunity to vote.



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Picture 2
Picture 3

SMSC at Henry Whipple Primary

Tim Peak - Science Day

What a marvellous day we had investigating which material would be suitable for a space rocket. We had to run a series of investigations and work in teams to do this.

We learnt a lot about metals and their properties.



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As a school we have taken part in the Christingle service at the Evangelical Church. We sang songs about Christingle, shared our wishes and hopes, discussed what parts of the Christingle are, and shared a reading from John and Genesis. It was a wonderful morning and we would like to say a big thank you to Nathan for inviting us.

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What a marvellous day at Primary Parliament! The children contributed their ideas to other City schools and were able to communicate effectively. The children represented us well and made us proud.

Primary Parliament


On Friday 25th November our Pupil Ambassadors will be putting their ideas forward, along with JLT from Year 6 at Primary Parliament. During the different sessions the children will be working in teams to solve a range of tasks. We will also find out about the launch of  the `Looking After Each Other` campaign.

Children in Need 2016


I am very pleased to say, we raised a massive £307.84. A big thank you to all our parent/carers and staff who have supported this cause. I'm sure next year will be just as much if not more.



Picture 1

Children In Need 2016



On Friday 18th November, we will be showing our support for Children in Need day. There will be cakes to purchase, the opportunity to wear blue, spots or something Pudsey related. £1 donations for wearing non-uniform will go towards the charity.


Anti-Bullying Week

Power for Good

During this week we are showing our support for Anti-Bullying Week. We began the week with an assembly in which we had to work out if the statements were true or false. In classes this week we are completing work about Anti-Bullying.

What are you going to do with your power?

You have the power to change someone’s life…

Free To Be Me

Today is an important day in our community. We are celebrating the launch of our project called `Free To Be Me` across our Aspire Learning Partnership of schools. The day will incorporate a range of activities to celebrate ourselves and each other.

Look out for our posters in the community.



Black History Month


1st October marks the beginning of Black History Month. At Henry Whipple we recognise the importance of teaching our children about the significance of this month. Each class will be completing a focus study of an influential person:

Year 1: Bob Marley

Year 2: Mary Seacole

Year 3: Martin Luther King

Year 4: Muhammad Ali

Year 5: Barrack Obama

Year 6: Jesse Owens  

Get Active

Make £5 Grow


JLT and Pupil Ambassadors have held a meeting with Mrs Winter and Mrs Rai to discuss what enterprise project we would like to implement, in order to make £5 grow. To start our project off we are going to be learning about enterprise, budgeting and steps needed to implement our project.

Year 3 at London

Year 2 at Sherwood Forest

Year 3 at Hartington


The new academic year has begun and what an exciting start it has been with Learning Away.

Year 1: Day trip to Wollaton Hall

Year 2: Sherwood Forest

Year 3: Hartington

Year 4: York

Year 5: Sheringham

Year 6: London


Our learning in class will be focused around the places we have visited.

Picture 1

SMSC Curriculum Plan

SMSC at Henry Whipple Primary



Tuesday 12th July 2016


Across school we will be having a diversity afternoon to celebrate how diverse our school is. We will be making friendship bands and giving them to a friend in our class. We will also be discussing the five British Values and how they impact us.


Road To Rio

What a fantastic day we had learning dance routines from some of the countries who are taking part in the Olympics this summer.

SMSC at Henry Whipple Primary

The Queen’s Birthday

Friday 10th June 2016


What a fantastic day we had celebrating the Queen’s Birthday! We all had to create decorations for our school such as bunting, paper chains and portraits of the Queen. Year 3 and 4 created a new bank note, Year 5 wrote biographies about the Queen and Year 1 and 2 were very busy with a carousel of activities. We decorated the playground to have our lunch as a whole school, it was really good fun but it began to rain. Oh no! We had to then have a picnic in the hall. In the afternoon prizes were awarded to the best King and Queen from each class. After the awards we needed to be ready for the parade, a chance for us to show off our costumes and wave like a Queen or a King. To complete a fantastic day we sang the `God Save the Queen` and had cream teas with our parents.


Wednesday 8th June

Parliament Day

We have a fantastic day learning about parliament, voting and making laws.


Parliament Day

Tuesday 12th July 2016



Across school we will be having a diversity afternoon to celebrate how diverse our school is. We will be making friendship bands and giving them to a friend in our class. We will also be discussing the five British Values and how they impact us.



What a fantastic day we had at the Archery event. We met lots of world famous archers, ask questions and found out the rules for archery. They met lots of world famous archers and had the opportunity to ask questions. They watched the knock out stages of the Rio Olympics and watched Naomie Jones win her round.

What a beautiful singing performance from Year 3 and 4. You should be very proud of yourselves, we all enjoyed your performance.

SMSC at Henry Whipple Primary

RE and PE Day 22nd March 2016


In order to celebrate the festival of Holi, Years 1 - 4 are working with Vina Ladwa. Children are learning about different movements and how they can tell a story.



Sport Relief 18th March


We worked in teams to show our support for Sport Relief. Each team represented a different country with children from F2 to Year 6. We had such a fantastic time working in teams, applying our P.E skills and having good fun! We raised £88.80. Thank you for all your donations.

Stand up to Bullying Day


On Friday 26th February we celebrated Stand up to Bullying Day. What a fantastic day we had.

We were fantastic team workers and participators.



Jennifer, Ella, IBK, Joanna and Demi in Year 6 created a Respect Rap.

Assembly - Respect

During assembly we discussed what `respect` means, how we can show it and why we should be respectful. We also spoke about our British Values which we should follow and be proud of. We discussed the impact of these on us. We delved deep with our thoughts.

Spanish Learning Journey 2016

Spanish Learning Journey 2016  1
Spanish Learning Journey 2016  2

We have chosen 8 children who have shown particular interest in Spanish or a talent for speaking and learning the language to share a Spanish Learning Journey with a visiting student from Nottingham University.


Louise is visiting us 6 times over the next few months to tell us about her studies at the University where she is learning Spanish. She is going to teach us Spanish and about Spanish culture. Then Louise will be visiting Spain as part of her course and she will keep in contact with us to tell us what it is like! She brings her Spanish bear Paco every week and he will be joining her in Spain!

Junior Leadership Team- Donation to the Salvation Army December 2015


Well done to everyone in school who joined us at the film night. We raised lots of money and decided to send some to our local Salvation Army charity.


Jo will be coming to visit us in February to say thank you and host our assembly.

Year 3 trip to Hindu Temple


On the 24th November Year 3 will be visiting a Mandair (Temple).


Anti-Bullying week


Show your support by wearing blue, let's raise the profile. We can also show how it is important to be tolerant and show mutual respect to others.

BBC Children In Need

Friday 13th November 2015

To show our support we have sold cakes, completedthe `Beat Kojo Race`, and dressed up in spots or yellow. Some of us were wearing both! We have also learnt about why we are fundraising and where the money goes, after we have donated. What a charitable day it has been.

Wednesday 11th November 2015


In assembly we are learning all about Diwali and why the festival is important to Hindus and Sikhs. We are also having a tasty Diwali lunch.

Check out our enrichment experiences for Autumn 1. We have been very busy!

Year 6 Visit to the Houses of Parliament London


To start our year and build on our work last year, Year 6 visited the Houses of Parliament during their London Learning Away. We were given a guided tour and were able to sit in the House of Lords and the House of Commons whilst debates were being held.


We then took part in a mock election and learnt how they work.


Graham Allen our local MP also came to visit us.


A wonderful experience and a great way to learn about Democracy in action!

British Values Week

To support our Summer topic of 'The Election' we are holding a British Values Week to support our promotion of key British Values and encourage a sense of belonging amongst our pupils.

We welcome MP Graham Allen to our school to raise awareness amongst our pupils in their right to vote as well as their roles and responsibilities as British Citizens.

Our pupils will be voting to elect two new Pupil Ambassadors following a series of debates held during assembly time across the week...



Thank you to MP Graham Allen for visiting our school to support our British Values Week.

Your assembly really helped our children to understand about why it is important to vote and what Democracy means for us all in Britain today...

Introducing our Pupil Ambassador candidates...

Our Pupil Ambassador Live Debates

Well done to all our candidates for preparing detailed answers to our debating questions in assemblies across Election Week...


Children answered then debated these questions:


  • What three qualities do you have for a Pupil Ambassador?
  • What is important to you to improve learning for children at our school?
SMSC stands for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural. All schools in England must show how well their pupils develop in SMSC. We hope that this page clearly identifies how we do this within our school, community and families and how we meet required outcomes.




Explore beliefs and experience; respect values; discover oneself and the surrounding world; use imagination and creativity; reflect.
Recognise right and wrong; understand consequences; investigate moral and ethical issues; offer reasoned views.
Use social skills in different contexts; work well with others; resolve conflicts; understand how communities work.
Appreciate cultural influences; participate in culture opportunities; understand, accept, respect and celebrate diversity.