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SMSC Development

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At Henry Whipple SMSC underpins everything we do. We recognise that the personal development of the children, spiritually, morally, socially and culturally plays a significant role in their ability to learn and to grow into well rounded members of society.



We provide an education that provides children with opportunities to explore and develop:

  • Their own values and beliefs
  • Spiritual awareness
  • High standards of personal behaviour
  • A positive and caring attitude towards other people
  • An understanding and respect for their and others social and cultural traditions
  • An appreciation of the diversity and richness of cultures and the world around them.


Spiritual Development The children’s beliefs, religious or otherwise, which inform their perspective on life and their interest in and respect for other people’s beliefs and values. We promote this @ HWP through the following:

  • Our Religious Education programme which includes visits to places of worship
  • Assemblies which celebrate beliefs and cultures from around the world
  • Our daily assemblies which ensure broad coverage of all SMSC aspects
  • Our 'Learning Away' and enrichment programme that inspires awe and wonder
  • A PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) programme that allows pupils to reflect on their own feelings and develop an understanding of the feelings of others, including readiness for 21st century Britain dangers and threats
  • Developing creativity and imagination through play, literacy, art, design technology music, dance and drama


Moral Development A pupil’s understanding, attitude and behaviour to what is right and what is wrong. This is developed @ HWP through the following:

  • Providing a clear moral code for behaviour which is promoted consistently through all aspects of the school – assemblies, Stay on Green behaviour system, Believe, Belong Achieve Cards
  • Focus British Value each half-term, E-safety lessons, PSHE curriculum, Class Charters, Topic TEAMS / Reading and Attendance Rewards
  • Promoting equality in relation to religion, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or gender
  • Giving pupils opportunities to explore and develop moral concepts and values through the curriculum – PSHE, Fair Trade topics, R.E., History, Geography, Literacy, Drama
  • Encouraging children to take responsibility for their actions, through PSHE and the Behaviour Policy
  • Learning about and raising money for charities
  • Adults modelling fairness, integrity and respect for all pupils
  • Recognising and respecting different cultures represented by pupils and staff in the school – language of the month, cultural displays around the school, texts used to support the curriculum


Social Development a pupil’s progressive acquisition of the competencies and qualities needed to play a full part in society. We promote this @ HWP through the following:

  • Encouraging children to work co-operatively in the classroom and playground
  • Fostering a sense of community with common, inclusive values through assemblies, the PSHE curriculum, whole school events including JLT fundraising for the community, cultural celebrations, sponsored events, and regularly planned Learning Together events
  • Encouraging children to recognise and respect social differences and similarities
  • Providing children with opportunities to exercise leadership through a range of whole-school class responsibilities including Junior Leaders, Eco Warriors and Science Leaders.
  • Through our bespoke PSHE curriculum, tailored to meet our pupils' needs - helping them develop qualities which are valued by society, such as: thoughtfulness, honesty, respect for others, moral principles, independence, co-operation, self respect.


Cultural Development – A child’s understanding of the beliefs, values and customs in their own and others social, ethnic and national groups. We promote this @ HWP through:

  • Celebrating the attitudes, values and traditions of diverse cultures
  • Participating in city-wide events such as cultural celebrations, Primary Parliament and Primary Cabinet representation and sports matches and competitions, through the curriculum, assemblies, school social events and visitors to the school
  • Recognising and nurturing particular gifts and talents through after school clubs, Enterprise projects, TOPIC TEAMS and the curriculum
  • Recognising and celebration of national events such as the Olympics and Remembrance Day
  • Themed days linked to topics being studied throughout the school following our long-term curriculum knowledge coverage.



Recent Assembly themes:

  • The London Marathon - Determination and overcoming adversity
  • Lailat at Miraj - Prophet Mohammed's story
  • Vesak
  • Visit from Rev. Chris Easton
  • International Families Day
  • Christian Aid Week
  • Democracy in Action: Henry Whipple - Your Vote Counts! (ambassador launch)
  • What does Respect sound like / look like / feel like?
  • Ascension Day - instructions for us all
  • Resilience - Bounce Back Ability (Courage & Persistence)
  • Black History Month Celebration
  • Community Harvest
  • Keeping Safe - at school, home and in our community
  • International Day of Democracy
  • Taking personal responsibility
  • Aspirations (and how to 'achieve' them)

Summer term: Election time: Your Vote Counts!

We are busy preparing for our in-school Pupil Ambassadors election for September. Year 5 have completed their expressions of interest and these are currently being carefully considered by Mrs Burgess, Mrs Winter and Mr O'Leary.  Watch this space for the election campaigns to begin...

Check out our pictures with Councillor Webster

Check out our pictures with Councillor Webster  1
Check out our pictures with Councillor Webster  2

SMSC at Henry Whipple Primary

SMSC Curriculum Plan

SMSC at Henry Whipple Primary


SMSC at Henry Whipple Primary

Parliament Day

SMSC at Henry Whipple Primary

Assembly - Respect

During assembly we discussed what `respect` means, how we can show it and why we should be respectful. We also spoke about our British Values which we should follow and be proud of. We discussed the impact of these on us. We delved deep with our thoughts.

Anti-Bullying week


Show your support by wearing blue, let's raise the profile. We can also show how it is important to be tolerant and show mutual respect to others.

Thank you to MP Graham Allen for visiting our school to support our British Values Week.

Your assembly really helped our children to understand about why it is important to vote and what Democracy means for us all in Britain today...

Introducing our Pupil Ambassador candidates...

Our Pupil Ambassador Live Debates

Well done to all our candidates for preparing detailed answers to our debating questions in assemblies across Election Week...


Children answered then debated these questions:


  • What three qualities do you have for a Pupil Ambassador?
  • What is important to you to improve learning for children at our school?