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School Improvement

School Improvement 2018-2019

Next academic year our improvement focus will include:


  • All leaders taking effective action to improve progress for our disadvantaged pupils
  • Implement small step tracking for pupils with SEN
  • Implement a mastery about to the teaching and learning of mathematics
  • Further reduce persistent absenteeism particularly within our disadvantaged pupils
School Improvement 2017-2018

At Henry Whipple an intrinsic part of our school is the continuous drive for school improvement at all levels for all stakeholders.  When looking at how to improve our school we look at four key areas:





Improve attainment levels in Reading in all year groups for age related and greater depth towards national levels by:

  • All children making at least expected progress
  • Exceeding progress rates in KS2 for children below Age Related
  • Exceeding progress rates for boys Pupil Premium , Prior Lower Attainers across KS1 and 2




Improve attainment levels in Writing including Greater Depth in all year groups to meet national standards at end of K.S.2 by:

  •  Sustaining exceeded progress rates across all year groups
  • Prior lower attaining group make exceeded progress.




Improve attainment levels in Mathematics including Greater Depth at UKS2

by sustaining progress rates across all year groups specifically Pupil Premium and Prior Lower Attainers.




Provide challenge within learning in continuous and focussed provision across all areas of EYFS to support children sufficiently specifically low attaining grp identified at baseline / higher ability learners


Personal Development Behaviour and Welfare

Ensure all children specifically prior lower attaining group have strategies to be independent learners.

Develop schools  pupil mental health/emotional well-being support and provision.