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Welcome to Henry Whipple Primary School


Where ‘all staff are aspirational for pupils’ success‘, we promote pupils personal development and welfare extremely well and pupils benefit from a wide range of enrichment activities. Pupils are confident and happy and behave very well. (OFSTED January 2017 report).


At Henry Whipple Primary our education philosophy and core vision is strong and centers upon achieving the best possible outcomes for all children based upon our ‘Believe Belong Achieve’ ethos, the needs of our children and our community reflecting British values. All stakeholders have the highest of expectations for learning, behaviour and attendance and all learners have the opportunity to achieve the highest possible social, emotional, physical and academic standards. As a school, we are highly committed to supporting and enhancing the emotional wellbeing of our learners as we recognise the impact this can have on attainment and achievement.

We are a 'Requires Improvement School ' (OFSTED 20.2.17) but  we are currently taking 'effective action to tackle the areas identified ' (Monitoring Inspection Report 12.7.17).


Our school curriculum has been developed to provide a high quality, deep knowledge-rich curriculum that allows our children to make connections between the world and its people across subject areas. We provide teaching that enables pupils to make purposeful links with vocabulary from their topic of study, applying this within their learning across different subjects. We build upon 'wonderings' about specific themes and teaching topics which build upon previous learning. We provide carefully planned enrichments and a dedicated' Learning Away' programme that links not only to children's measureable outcomes but to their behaviour, safety and SMSC development. We celebrate positive attitudes and learning behaviours, which are deep-rooted in our approach. This encompasses the key skills of communication, problem -solving, team work , reflecting& reviewing, participating effectively, investigating and self managing & independence.


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Mrs C Burgess

Head Teacher