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Year 6


Welcome to Year 6


This half term, our topic is Treasure. We will be concentrating on natural treasures, such as endangered animals, and how to preserve them. We have an exciting trip to Twycross Zoo planned where we will be taking part in workshops to find out more about animals in their natural environment and conservation around the world. We will also be completing projects with OPAL and The University of Nottingham to study wildlife in our local area. This will include a visit to The University of Nottingham to take part in a variety of science activities. As part of our topic, we will also be completing writing tasks in a variety of styles and using our maths and DT skills to create scale models.


Very well done to all of Year 6 for working so hard to prepare for your SATs last term. I am extremely proud of all of you.


You all did so much extra revision on Mathletics that we made it into their Hall of Fame - we were 18th in the national points table!


The adults that work in Year 6 are Miss Clarke (Class Teacher) and Mrs. Thornton (Teaching Partner).

Our class quote:


You're not a failure if you don't make it. You're a success because you tried.


Remember to read every day and use Reading Eggs and Mathletics every week.

Choose one idea from the homework sheet below each week.

Can you answer the question on our blog page?


Very well done to the people who have already answered.



Junior Leadership Team:  Anthea, Ebrima


Digital Leaders: Phoebe, Kenneth


ECO Team: Ellelea, Rio


Attendance Monitor: Tavimba

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