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Year 6

British Science Week 2020 - One Day Creative

Year 6 had a great day learning about forces, resistance, friction and magnetism through drama .



Relaxing in PJs for World Book Day



Be careful entering the year 6 classroom. You may have to start digging!

This half term we are learning about the Ancient Greeks. We will be discovering how the Greek empire changed and grew and developing an understanding of how historians have found out about the past. Here is a timeline of events.

Year 6 had an excellent learning away experience today at the Holocaust Centre. They followed the journey of Leo, who was part of the Kinder Transport scheme ran by the British Government. The scheme helped 10 000 Jewish children leave Nazi Germany and settle in new homes and new lives in Britain.




Year 6 have been researching the dangers of smoking and thinking of ways to encourage people to stop.

Excellent learning behaviour Year 6.


Year 6 enjoyed two stories read by Councillor David Mellen.


Using large fans.


Year 6 enjoyed learning a colourful traditional dance.

Thank you parents for joining us in our 'Learning Together' Event using new vocabulary linked to our WW2 topic.

This half term Year 6 are learning about WW2. We have some more artefacts to research and many interesting books to read.

Santa's reindeers came to visit!



An exciting artefact from World War 1.

Today we read information about a standard issue WW1 infantry gun. This was a reliable weapon and its use continued into World War Two. It did have one major weakness - sometimes dirt and grit would lodge in the mechanism, causing it to jam and not fire. Soldiers had to try and keep the rife clean which was extremely difficult in the trenches.



A big thank you to all the parents who joined us to look at some real World War One artefacts, including: shell cases, bullets, a metal tin given as a gift to soldiers from Queen Mary, a bible with a bullet hole in and a tin which had chocolate in.



We have been investigating some real artefacts from WW1 including shell cases and a brass tin. The shell cases were the outer covering for explosive materials. They were usually filled with gunpowder, detonators and time fuses. They could also be filled with poisonous gases.

The small brass tin was given to each soldier and contained a selection of gifts. It was intended to offer comfort and cheer to thousands of soldiers who were fighting and could not get home for Christmas.


We have recently been learning about significant events that happened in WW1. One of these was the Battle of the Somme in 1916. Read our graphic organisers to find out what happened.

Thought provoking learning in the 'Choices and Consequences' anti-knife crime workshop.

Year 6 learned some crucial messages about staying safe and making good choices.


This half term year 6 will be learning about WWI.

We will be learning about how the war started and what life was like in the trenches.



Well done year 6 for your support for Hello Yellow- helping young people's mental health.

Our class reading book this half term is...

We have just started reading it and we have so many questions about Stanley.

This half term we are linking our learning to our fantastic learning away experience in London.

We are developing our knowledge about significant buildings and places of interest in London, many of which we have actually visited.


We are also learning more about how Parliament works and who makes the rules and laws in our country.


What an amazing learning away experience year 6 had in London.

There were so many highlights.


Get Active Week

Today year 6 enjoyed leaning a new game called quidditch.

As you can see, there was lots of fun to be had, as well as getting lots of fresh air and exercise.



Feeling tired or stressed?

Check out some of our wellbeing recipes.

Well done year 6 for excellent concentration and resilience during SATs week.

Well deserved ice- lollies!


Year 6 have written some diary entries inspired by our class reading book 'Wonder'. The diary explains what August's first day at school was like. We have tried to capture the feeling of how difficult this day was for him and also how determined he was to feel 'ordinary'.

STEM learning with our resident scientist

This half term year 6 will be learning about historical areas of Nottingham and discovering how they have changed over the years. Two areas we will be focussing on will be Market Square and the Lace Market. Use your knowledge organiser to find out more.


Year 6 enjoyed the Bhangra dance workshop today.

Bhangra is a traditional form of dance and music which originates from India. It was initially used as a celebration for the coming of spring.



Year 6 have been working hard to publish their mysterious narratives about Francis.

They hope you enjoy reading them.

World Book Day

Year 6 appreciated the top tips on writing from authors on the WBD website. One of our favourites was how to edit writing to improve it.



Learning away at Magna

Today, Year 6 enjoyed learning about fossils in a hands on workshop. They developed skills in discovering, sorting, identifying and classifying. fossils.

Greek Art

Ancient Greek artists created paintings and sculptures but one of the most famous is the black and red decorated pot. These were both practical objects that could be used for water or wine, and also beautiful works of art.



Portals to the Past

Year 6 have participated in a workshop about Ancient Greece. This has helped developed our knowledge about:


  • Greek life and culture-what it was like to be a man or a woman, a boy or a girl.

  • The battles of Thermopylae and Marathon

  • How to play a game called Petteia- a Greek strategy game played by Alexander the Great

  • Greek Myths- the names of different Gods and Goddesses and what their powers were.

  • Weapons and armour-what they were and how they used them.

  • Athens and Sparta- how these places were very different.

  • Olympic Games- what the games were like in those days.

  • Democracy- who could vote and which cities were democratic.



In writing, we are developing our narrative skills. We are using the film clip 'Francis' as a stimulus. The story is quite mysterious and full of tension, which we will endeavour to create in our writing.

This half term we are learning about Ancient Greece. We have some artefacts to explore and will be learning about how the Greeks developed democracy. Also we will be learning about Greek gods and goddesses and how the Olympics began.






Our new class reading book is Wonder by R.J. Palacio

It is about a boy called August who has a facial disfigurement. We have just started reading the part where he goes to school for the first time.

Making Rockets.

Year 6 worked with Rick from IGNITE! to build and test rockets using the power of air!

Well done to all those whose rockets were successful.

Making Rockets - STEM with our in-school scientistl

In writing, Year 6 have been working on a narrative about a soldier who has to shoot a young German soldier in order to survive. The narrative is based on a true story and we listened to a recording of the soldier speaking when he was an old man, about this particular experience. Year 6 have worked hard to capture the tense atmosphere and the terrible guilt Joseph lived with for killing such a young boy for the rest of his life.






This week, as part of our WW1 topic we have looked at some medals, one of which was a Victoria Cross. We found out that this medal is the highest honour for bravery and valour that can be awarded to members of the British Armed Forces. In WW1 it was awarded 628 times to 627 recipients.


Year 6 have been learning about WW1 through studying artefacts on loan from Nottingham City Museums. They have found out about a British Flying Helmet which were issued to the Royal Flying Corps. The helmet is dated 1918 and is made of leather with fur or sheepskin around the face. Many aeroplanes at this time had cockpits which were open to the elements which meant that the aircrew were subjected to the cold of high altitudes and the chill from the strong winds. The helmets gave minimal protection if the plane crashed.

This half term year 6 are learning about World War 1 and have been collecting ideas from pictures and video clips to write a story about a soldier.


This is the character in our story. He has to kill a young German soldier, which affects him for the rest of his life. We will share some stories when they are finished.