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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Miss Blatherwick and Mrs Duryea will be teaching in Year 4 this year.

Spring 2 - Curiosity

In Class 4 this half term, we will be learning about the Middle Ages.

We will be learning about how this time of change impacted on England, how people lived, some of the main events of the time and the people who were the driving force of Britain at the time.

Year 4 have been learning all about the War of the Roses. They have learnt all about who the key figures are and why there was such a struggle for the throne. They created double bubble maps to compare and contrast the two houses, observing similarities and differences across the sides.

Spring 1

This half term, year 4 are learning all about the War of the Roses. This fascinating familial feud will be the core behind our learning, and will use this to influence our writing.

We are reading 'Toad Rage' as our class reader this half term, following the adventures of Limpy the cane toad as he tries to persuade humans to love his species.

In maths, we will be continuing our learning multiplication and division and discovering the area of shape. We will continue to use a range of manipulative, pictorial and abstract methods to show our learning and showcase our understanding.

In science, we are learning about states of matter, discovering the impact of solids, liquids and gases in our everyday lives and investigating the factors that could cause those to change.

In Science, we have investigated the impact of different liquids on egg shells and examined the changes the eggs went under, to help us find out how these drinks effect our teeth and may lead to tooth decay.


In Autumn 2, we will be learning all about the Anglo-Saxons!
Year 4 will be discovering how the Anglo-Saxons influenced England with a lasting legacy.


Our maths learning will focus on addition and subtraction, as well as multiplication and division. We will continue to use a range of methods and strategies to support our learning.


In reading, our new class reader is Stitch Head by Guy Bass, about a small monster on a big adventure. We will use our learning toolkit to support and develop our reading skills.


In science, we are learning all about animals and other humans, focusing on digestion and food chains!

Autumn 1

This half-term we will be learning all about the legacy of the Vikings, including the reasons for them coming to Britain.


We will be deepening our knowledge of how they lived, how they fought, what they ate and even the many different gods they worshipped (there were 27!)


In Mathematics we will be understanding the value of different digits in 4-digit numbers and beginning to add and subtract different 4 digit totals.


In Science we will be learning about animals and their habitats, including the differences between different groups of animals and how they are classified.

Dance Academy - working with Park Vale Academy students

Summer 2

For the final half term of Year 4, we will be learning all about the history of Ancient Egypt. We will be discovering how people lived, the life of the Pharaohs, the religious beliefs including those of the different gods, and discovering Egyptian beliefs about life after death.

Ancient Egypt Enrichment

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Summer 1 - Raging Rivers

During this half term, Class 4 will be learning about the River Nile and the importance and impact of this on Ancient Egyptian society! We will learn how the River Nile was key in the location and how it enabled a civilisation to be built in the desert, and how this led to one of the greatest historical societies in the world.

Spring 2 Topic - The Middle Ages

In year 4, this half term's learning will centre around the changes in society in the Middle Ages. This includes the crusades, the development of religion, the jobs available, famous figures from the time and even the Black Death and how this changed the country!