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Year 3

Welcome to the Brilliant Butterflies!

Welcome to Year 3!

Hello and welcome to Class 3 - Brilliant Butterflies.  I am delighted to be teaching Year 3 every morning for this rest of this year and look forward to the learning journey ahead of us.


Teaching in Year 3 will be myself - Mrs Winter every morning and I will be supported Miss Bonser in the mornings and Miss Buckley all day.  We are incredibly lucky to have Mrs O'Leary every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Mrs O'Leary will now take us swimming on Fridays, with Mrs Weightman continuing our art work every Thursday afternoon.


Our topic during Summer Term will be Local Treasures. We are focusing on the historic find of Richard III's body in Leicester. We will investigate his role in the Battle of Bosworth and explore how he was found and his interment to Leicester Cathedral.


Below are some websites which can help with your new homework! This will be set the first week back, from Monday 1st June.





We are following on from the success of our Election homework with our new grids for Local Treasure. We are focusing on the Battle of Bosworth and Richard III. Please use the websites above to help with homework and please remember-

  • You can ask to come to school. @8.30 to use the school computers for research
  • Ask if you need some paper/cardboard etc we will try our best to find some for you

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