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Year 3

Hardwick Hall

Wednesday 4th March


We had an amazing learning away adventure at Hardwick Hall. We tried Tudor dancing, realising we were all naturals smileylaugh

We came away with so much knowledge about Bess of Hardwick , Tudor rituals and how they dressed. How much wealth played apart in who you associated with, who you invited to your home, where in your home different guests would be allowed ( depending on how rich you were ).


Try this mini knowledge quiz, see what you have remembered.


  What do the initials ES mean on the top of the turrets ?

How many children did Bess have ?

How tall were the windows on the third floor ? Why ?


Welcome Back!


We look forward to another busy half term of learning, please check the class newsletter for more information.


PE teaching is:

Tuesday PM

Thursday PM

Friday AM

We have specialist teachers and support from the University of Nottingham for these sessions. It is vital your child has their kit to access PE which is a statutory requirement of the curriculum. 



We will be Learning Away at Hardwick Hall this half term to support our learning about the Tudors and Elizabethans. You can find out more information here:









We will be visiting Nottingham University to support our PE learning with a Sports and Nutrition visit on: Friday 20th March








We will be continuing our love of reading and will visit Southglade library on Mon 23rd March


We will be learning about fractions in maths. Some help can be found here:


We will be focusing on spelling and sentence structure in our writing- for example using conjunctions after, while and before.


Our new class reading book is The Sheep-Pig by Dick King-Smith.

Vocab we will be using in maths

P.E. - Invasion games

Spring 1:


This half term we will be learning all about the War of the Roses.

In our lessons we will be discovering what the War of the Roses was.

What happened during the war?

Who were the key figures during the war?

Why is the war an important event in British history?

Christmas Party



We also were very lucky to have a visit from PrimeVR who showed us around some real volcanoes without us needing to leave the classroom!

This half term we have been investigating volcanoes and earthquakes in Year 3.


We have created our own volcanoes out of mod-roc, before painting them and mixing bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to create an eruption!

Autumn 2

Year 3


Welcome to the new Year 3 web page!


Mr Yates, Mrs Winter and Mrs Gunn will  be teaching in Year 3 this year.


Dodgeball skills

We have started our Autumn 2 term learning about dodgeball and the skills we need to be excellent team players.

Telling the story of Ramanya through dance workshops as part of our Diwali celebrations.

Creating Rangoli patterns for Diwali.

Making clay thumb pots to hold divas during our Diwali celebrations.

A fantastic example of Celtic God's Eye weaving.

Applying the Stone Age skills that we learnt at Celtic Harmony

Collecting kindling

Fire lighting

Cooking using Stone Age methods

Sampling Stone Age food

God's eye weaving

We have been thinking about how we know what life was like in the Stone Age. We have looked at lots of examples of Stone Age cave art and used charcoals and chalks to create our own examples.

We have been learning new vocabulary to help us to visualise an extract from The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.

Learning Away- Celtic Harmony

What an amazing time we all had! Unforgettable experiences and once in a lifetime learning opportunities.


Den Building Day 1

Day 1 - Flint

Day 1 - hunting

Marshmallow toasting- Day 1

Team games and orienteering - Day 1

Amazing dinner after our first day!

First night in our roundhouses!


Firelighting and cooking our lunch

Warrior face paints and headbands

Making dough to bake pizza

Eating our pizzas

Tree identification

Making clay pots

Learning Away at Butterley Station (May 2019)

Year 3 explored life in the past by experiencing first-hand a steam railway!


EXPLORE... Victorian Trade and Transport 

Welcome back after the Easter holiday. This half-term, we will be exploring all about the amazing impact of the railways upon Britain in the past and their impact on life today.



Can you find out:

When was the first railway built in Britain?  By Who?

What difference did the railways make?

What are the names of some of the earliest trains to be built in the UK?

How has travel changed since?


Remember to check your knowledge organiser to expand your vocabulary further...



Spring term

Using atlases to identify and locate main rivers around the UK



Using ICT to explore the remains of a Roman Bath...

Map skills - identfying Roman road routes and key places in Britain

Learning Away at Southwell Minster: Roman Archaeology

To aid our imaginations for our persuasive leaflets about The Roman Baths, we had our very our relaxing foot spa treatment in Class 3!  Total relaxation for all... we look forward to sharing our completed persuasive leaflets to visit The Roman Baths soon!

Discover... Roman Roads & Buildings 

Welcome back after the Christmas break.  This half-term we will be deepening our knowledge about The Romans, focussing upon transport, settlements and buildings that have impacted upon life in Britain today.


Can you find out the names of any Roman towns or cities?

Why did the Romans build roads? - How did they design them?

How did the Romans help us with transport today in 2019?

What buildings did The Romans build? Why?


Remember to check your knowledge organiser to expand your vocabulary further...



Year 3: Spring term Learning:

Writing: Descriptions of Roman buildings and settings

Reading: Making inference calculations, drawing predictions from illustrations

Mathematics: Multiplication and Division - moving towards formal methods



Investigate... The Romans! 

Our new topic is all about The Romans and their impact upon for us Britain today.

We enjoyed a learning-packed day with Portals to the Past immersing us into life in Roman Britain and deepening our knowledge about who the Romans were and why they came to Britain over 2,000 years ago.

Autumn Term - 2018: Learning in Year 3...


  • Writing instructions for how to make a woodland fire (linked to our recent incredible Learning Away experience to Celtic Harmony about the Stone Age)
  • Exploring place value in Mathematics - investigation the number '100' in many ways and identifying numbers up to 1000 - comparing, ordering and representing these