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Year 2




Welcome back to a new year and new decade of learning!



Spring 1:

This half-term, we will be discovering all about Explorers from the past and the expeditions of Robert Falcon Scott and Christopher Columbus.

Who are these explorers?

Where did they explore?  Why?

Why are their discoveries important?

Why do people explore?

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YEAR 2: 2019-20:

Welcome to our class learning showcase!



Keep checking back for updates on our learning adventures as we all strive to exceed our own expectations this year.


Our class motto is:


Christmas 2019 (including our SHINE! Nativity performance)

Autumn term 2019


This half-term we will be 'investigating' all about homes and houses, including how they have changed from the past to modern day. 

What type of house do you live in?

What rooms would you find in a house long ago? 

What makes a house become a home? 

What do all homes need?

Learning Away at the Black Country Living Museum

Autumn term 2019:



This half-term we will be learning all about the legends of Robin Hood and why he is remembered today. 


We will be deepening our knowledge about maps, compasses and directions using North/East/South/West and keys to navigate in different ways.


In Mathematics we will be understanding the value of different digits in 2-digit numbers and beginning to add and subtract different 2 digit totals.


In Science we will be learning about animals and their habitats, including how animals are suited to their different climates and homes.




Take a look at our new Mathematics Place Value knowledge...

Some Sherwood Forest Learning Away highlights...

We have really enjoyed our badminton coaching with Mr White this year. Well done to our end of year badminton competition winners.

DT: Designing and making dune buggies that could be used at Anderby Creek.

Practical Maths - Measuring in Metres

Learning about American Football with our visitors from Mississippi

Get Active Week - Skateboarding

Get Active Week - Learning To Fence.

We are really excited about our learning away at Anderby Creek. We have made pictograms to show which ice cream flavours we want to eat on the beach!

Learning about where Christians worship - making stained glass windows

Linking our maths learning about directions and turns to geography naming continents and using compass directions and ICT.

Seaside Art

Well-Being week

We have also been thinking about who we could talk to if we are worried about anything. Here is our HELPING HANDS poster to help other children know who they could talk to if they need help.

Maths- we have been connecting our learning to measuring to find fractions

Science- We have been learning about how plants grow and have planted our own cress.

We have planted beans and sunflowers too.

Our fantastic learning away in Dovedale.

Summer Term in Year 2



Maths Learning- Finding and recognising equal and non equal parts.

We explored Southglade Park to find different types of trees and plants. We found sycamore trees and blossom. We also found daffodils, bluebells and daisies.

Science Investigation with Sarah Scientist - choosing the best materials to post a Pringle without it breaking!

Learning Detectives at the University of Nottingham

Our Learning Away at Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre

Chalk art in Year 2 - Animals from hot and cold countries.