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Year 1

Mr Slater and Miss Eaton welcome you to our shared learning page!

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale  1

Florence Nightingale 


Year 1 have started a new Topic this term all about Florence Nightingale. They have compared the past and present uniforms for nurses and how they have changed over the years. 

Year 1 Curriculum Overview

Spring 1


Our class reader this half term is 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes' by Jan Fearnley

Our class reader this half term is 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes' by Jan Fearnley 1

Our knowledge topic this half term is 'What was life like for children in Victorian times?'

Please support your child's learning by discussing what they are learning and by downloading the Knowledge Organiser (above) and reading it together. Over the next few weeks we will be learning...

  • How different life was for rich and poor children in Victorian times.
  • What school was like in Victorian times.
  • What traditional toys are like and how they have changed over time.

Christmas Party!



Autumn 2

Picture 1

Our class reader for this term is 'The true story of the three little pigs' by Jon Scieszka.

Picture 1

Our knowledge focus for this half term is: Events beyond living memory that are significant nationally or globally.

We will be investigating the Great Fire of London.

Explore at home:

  • What happened in the Great Fire of London?
  • When and where was it?
  • Who were significant people
    in this event?
  • How and why did it happen?

Have a look at the Knowledge Organiser for this half term to find out more!

Autumn 1

Please have a look at the photographs from our Learning Away at Wollaton Hall on 19th September. We had an adventure discovering all about autumn. This learning was linked to our topic 'Significant places in our local area' and science 'The Seasons'.

Discovering all about autumn

Hibernating hedgehogs!

Finding and collecting signs of autumn

Can you spot the bat box?

Can you spot the bat box? 1

Squirrel spotting!

Squirrel spotting! 1

Everybody say 'deer'!

Everybody say 'deer'! 1

Please have a look at our Knowledge Organiser. You can discuss these facts and vocabulary with your children to help them!