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Why this type of homework?

The homework grid is based on Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligence and Blooms Taxonomy.


Tasks are divided into different areas or learning styles in line with Gardeners theory. His theory sets out these learning styles and preferences-


Linguistic/Verbal - words and language

logical/mathematical- logic and numbers

Musical- music, sound and rhythm

Kinaesthetic- practical, movement and control

Visual- images/ art work

Interpersonal- working with others 



Blooms Taxonomy is a classification of questioning according to 6 levels of higher level thinking-  each of the tasks in the grid start with the knowing element and recalling key information, moving through the understanding, applying and onto the evaluating.
















Our grids aim to provide learning opportunities for children in the areas highlighted above. Children can focus their homework on areas they feel they enjoy more or they can choose any area they want to improve on. The grid allows children to be self managers and take responsibility for their own learning- making the choice of how they learn.