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Why do we blog?

So why would a Blog be used in the classroom?

A classroom blog allows students the opportunity to form collaborative communities where they can learn new information, share work, receive feedback, observe different perspectives, publish original work, and participate in meaningful discussions (Arena & Jefferson, 2008, New London Group, 1996). 


*Extends learning potential outside of the classroom walls and schedule (Wohlwend, 2010).

*Provides opportunity for self-directed learning, enrichment, and practice

*Promotes conversation

*Provides students with the opportunity to receive feedback on writing or ideas (Sweeny, 2010, West, 2008).

*Allows a student to collaborate and participate in an interactive environment with students, *teachers, parents, or others outside of the classroom walls (Boling, et al., 2008, Sweeny, 2010, West, 2008).

*Allows for an authentic writing experience with an authentic audience (Arena & Jefferson, 2008).



Many classroom teachers use blogs in their classrooms for multiple reasons. 

* Classroom Website to keep parents aware of upcoming events, HW, classroom projects, and classroom events (Zawilinski, 2009).

* Writers forum to allow students to share work and receive feedback throughout writing process (Sweeny, 2010).

  1. *Showcase student projects and work (Zawilinski, 2009).

  2. *Response blogs to allow students to respond to various subject area topics, themes, or literary stories (West, 2008). 

Digitalk - Why should schools blog?

This video showcase a group of 10 year old children's views as to why they love to blog.