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Well Being and Emotional Health

Spring Term 

This Spring term has been full of events for the Well-being team to organise. 

Mental health awareness week we planned activities for the whole school.


We attended the Science festival at the Nottingham Council house with our presentation on #Bigbirdschoolwatch. Each class took part ,lead by their class Well-being leaders to watch and record the birds they had spotted.



A new school year and a new Well-being team.


I am pleased to be working with Well-being leaders ,we have lots planned for this term to support our mental health and all round well-being.

Starting with Hello Yellow Day on the 8th October 2021 .

A new year a new well-being team.

In our meeting this week we discussed the Young minds Hello yellow event and how our school could take part.

  • Wear something yellow to school and donate 50 pence.
  • Have a yellow menu that day. The teams spoke to the cook and asked for Pizza, chips and sweetcorn with a muffin for pudding.
  • Lunchtime play , feel good Friday dancing on the playground with yellow theme songs.
  • During the afternoon each hub groups will be taking part in a exercise session with our PE coach.
  • During the school day we have a few PSHE activities that each class could take part in .
    Star qualities, positive qualities about their peer.
    I am ,I can , I have activity a good thing that we have done the day before.

I would like to say a warm welcome to the Well Being team,







 I am really looking forward to working with these guys.smiley

Today we had our first meeting in preparation for #HelloYellow Mental Health awareness day.

We are super excited and have many activities that we feel would be great for our Well Being.

We also discussed new projects that we want to undertake to support the whole school in this next school year.

Watch this space !!!

Welcome to the Well Being Team

Year 5&6 Resilience Calendar


Have a listen to this song and then ask yourself what have you done to make you feel proud?

Year 5 and Year 6 planning a routine into your day.

Thinking about the Importance of planning your day and taking brain breaks see the sheet below to help support you and give you handy tips.

This video will also help with ideas.

Below is a relaxation video to listen to.




Year 2: What are you thankful for? Week beginning: 15.6.20

Year 2: Mindfulness: Week beginning 08.06.20

Week Beginning 8/6/20

Morning year 5/6 

Today I have put a brain gym on for you to keep your brain active.

Year 1 Well being WC-1/6/20


I have attached a link for our well being. Please take time to do this at some point this week.

Week beginning  1/6/20

Morning Years 5/6. this week I have put a fun video to watch about RESPECT. We all deserve RESPECT. Please listen to it.

    Year 4 Well Being Week Beginning 18.05.2020

     Hello year 4.Here is this weeks activity on well being for you to all look at after you have        completed your daily lessons. 

     Below is a link to click on all about BEING POSITIVE!

     Its called I'M AMAZING! You are all being amazing every single day and are so proud of         you all.


Year 2: Mindfulness Meditation: Week beginning 18.05.20



Morning years 5/6, hope you are all well and ready for your learning this week. I have put a well being video on this week for you to appreciate who you are. Listen carefully to the words and relax as you listen. ALWAYS DO YOU LEARNING FIRST.

Class 3 W/B 18.5.20

Good morning year 3, here is your weekly well being. Click the link to do some Yoga stretching. This will help you feel calm and give your mind and body lots of positive benefits.

Remember to do your on line learning first.laugh



WC 11.05.2020.

Hello Class 1


I have attached a link for you to go on for a short well-being session for this week. 

I hope you enjoy it, it made me feel really relaxed and ready for my learning at home


Week beginning 11.5.2020

Morning Years 5/6, hope you are all keeping well and safe, this is your video for your well being this week

                 Year 4 Well being     Week beginning 11/05/20

                 Here is your well being activity for this week.       

                 Click in the link below.    Have fun!    




Year 2: Well-being: Week beginning 11.05.20

Well- Being Year 1 WC 4.5.20


Hello F2     05.05.202

I hope you have had a good week so far and that you are all in good health.

Here is the link for Cosmic kids for you to do once you have completed all your work for the day.

                       Year 4 W/B 4.05.20

   Good morning year 4, below is your link to your well being this week.

Please try and do this everyday once you've completed all your home learning on the blog.


Year 3 W/B 4.05.20

Here is your wellbeing activity for this week, remember to do it everyday after completing your home learning on the blog.smiley

Year 5&6

I hope you are all well and are remembering some of the strategies that we teach you in Headspace to help you cope with your emotions and give your Brain some time to exercise.

Here is a  breathing exercise that you can try at home.


 Year 3  W/B 27.04.20

Good morning year 3, below is your link to your well being for this week. Please try to do this every day after you have finished your home learning on the blog.



We now have a new Well Being Leaders Team in school .


Well Done to

Ethan Hayes - YR 6

Lacey Cross - YR 5

Zuzanna Nescoir - YR 4

Libby Goldhawk - YR 3

Guy Bonnington - YR 2

Kole Hannah -YR 1


on your successful applications.


Our focus for this half term will be role modelling in Head Space sessions .

Image result for henry whipple [primary mental health charter




We are the first Nottingham school to sign up and commit to the emotional health and resilience charter. This means everyone in school is committed to keeping you healthy, happy, resilient and confident.


Here is the charter


Well Being Ideas from Class 2's well being tree.


Class 2 have made their own well being tree. We talked about things that make us calm, relaxed and happy. Here are some of things that make us feel good!




Support and help for you.


  • Speak to your friends and our class leaders
  • Share worries with you friends, teachers and family
  • Try using the techniques we teach you at school
  • You can find more help below:




Speak to someone

If you need to speak to someone right now, please contact one of the following 24 hour services:

SAMARITANS: 116 123 /
CHILDLINE: 0800 1111 /