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This half term, we are learning about coastal locations. We are learning the vocabulary that we need to describe a coastal area and using our map reading and compass direction skills to explore Anderby Creek.

Sorting and explaining geographical vocabulary

In SRE, we have been learning about who we can talk to if we are feeling worried. Here is our HELPING HANDS poster to show other children who they could ask for help.

This half term, we are  making comparisons between where we live and Dovedale in the Peak District.

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We are comparing the landscape, human and physical features, the wildlife and how people live.


During our learning away in Dovedale, we collected sounds to use in our poetry, crossed the stepping stones, looked for features of the landscape and enjoyed a picnic.

We have been learning about Judaism. This week we have been thinking about how and why Jewish people take part in Shabbat.

We have created Space Art in the style of Peter Thorpe.

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We have been learning about Neil Armstrong's life. We put the important events in order to make a time line.

We have been learning about how to stay safe on the internet.


We are learning about explorers from the past this half term. We have used our reading skills to learn about what it is like in Antarctica and how Robert Falcon Scott prepared for his journey. We have discussed what we have learnt, and we don't think that his team was very well prepared for the conditions in Antarctica.


We have been learning about where in the world we would find hot and cold places and what these places would be like. We have used chalks and pastels to create art works to show animals from hot and cold countries.


We shared the story of the animals racing across the river for Chinese New Year and completed designs to celebrate the Year of The Pig


We have been learning about festivals and celebrations in RE this term. We have thought about how weddings are celebrated in different cultures, and we have learnt about why and how Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas are celebrated. We have also worked very hard to prepare and perform our Nativity to the school and parents.


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We have taken part in Learning Away in the local area to find out about houses in Nottingham.

We had a fantastic Learning Away experience at the Black Country Living Museum, and learnt about how houses have changed over the last 100 years.



During Anti-bullying Week, we have been thinking about how to respect other people.


DT project- Making and sewing Robin Hoods Hat

Our Natural Art Project- Andy Goldsworthy

We have drawn our own maps using what we learnt during our learning away at Sherwood Forest.