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'The News'- Mrs Weightman


The children watched an episode of BBC Newsround. We discussed the format of the programme and gathered ideas for a news report about Henry Whipple. The children worked in teams of three and four to come up with questions that a reporter could ask an interviewee about the residential trips. Once the questions had been decided, they experimented on the I-pads.

This week we have been making a report about what has been happening at Henry Whipple .

Events included the choir singing at Tesco, Christingle celebrations at the church, putting up the Christmas tree followed by the choir singing at the Bestwood lights switch on.

Report making


During this first Spring half term the children are working on I-Pads to try out a variety of games to develop their problem solving skills, such as programming Bee Bots or Alex to avoid obstacles and reach their goals working through various levels of difficulty. They will be making their own levels and challenging their peers to solve the level.