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Safer Internet Day 2015

On Tuesday 10th February 2015, millions of people around the world will be celebrating Safer Internet Day. The theme this year is 'Lets Create a Better Internet Together'.


In school we will be celebrating this day with a variety of activities in school including an assembly from the digital leaders, celebration assembly on Friday and activities in class. We aim to encourage all children to embrace technologies whilst also equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to keep safe using the internet and effectively manage and navigate any risks they face.


How can you help?

This Safer Internet Day the theme is 'Let's create a better internet together.


  • It would be a great time to have conversations with your child around the internet, their use of the internet and how they can keep safe. Try the conversation starters from the UK safer internet centre.
  •  You could talk to your child about what actions they could take to make the internet a kinder place.
  • You could design keeping safe posters for the computer area/laptops or tablets at home, establishing the rules and boundaries for use at home
  • Make a safer internet day promise- what one thing can we do to make it a safer/kinder place.
  • visit for more information.