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Road To Rio

Nigeria - Mrs Gunn

Week 1


What a great way to start our new topic teams!

We all had a great time and scored some impressive points, well done team Nigeria.


Our athletes are,

year 6 -Joana, Ella, Lucy

year 4 - Thomas Farbrother, Stephanie, Deanna

year 3 - Holly, Amelia, Jaydon O

year 1 - Lan'i, Kaidyn M, Amelia

F2 - Maja, Chinika, Sheikha

We began with throwing bean bags into hoops, a point for each one inside the hoop- 137 wow!

400m sprint - 32 points

Volleyball - 31 points

Total - 200

Looking forward to the next events.

COME ON TEAM NIGERIA!!!!!!nosmiley

Mrs Shaw- Republic of Korea

Wow! What a great start to out new Road to Rio topic teams! This week, Korea participated in Long jump, Hurdles and badminton!


I have to give a special mention to:-

Gemma in Year 3 for her great skills in long jump- even  jumping further than some KS2 children!

Khan (year 4) and Tanaka (foundation) for their speed and agility in hurdles

Jennifer in Year 6 for being so helpful towards to younger children during badminton

Miss Sanghera



What a fantastic start to our Road to Rio topic teams. We cheered each other on and celebrated the successes we had as a team. The activities we participated in are tennis, javelin and running.


Miss Buckley - Trinidad and Tobago 

Week 1 - 

We had a brilliant time trying different activities and supporting each other throughout. We took part in volleyball, bean bag and relay running. 

Our team - Alessa, Millie- year 6

Christian Lee, Scarlett and Angel B - year 5 

Shiloh, Joel and Eze - year 4 

Jade, Oliwia and Samuel L - year 3

Uledi, Tori and Billie - year 1 

Ryan, Vanessa, Shanei and Lucas- F2


I'm looking forward to week 2. 

Mrs Winter- China

Week 1 - Friday 1st July 220 points

Well done to team China! We tried out the hurdles, long jump and badminton skills. We had fabulous Yr 6 leaders in Kian, Rungruethai and Maddi.

Our Team:

Kian, Rungruethai, Maddi, Conor, Dylan,Kiana, Mariam, George and Samuel, Okello, Poppy M, Demi, Ronnie, Kawsu, Annie, Amber and Theo.


Stars this week-

 Theo - amazing long jump skills

Kian, Conor and Maddi- Super quick and agile during hurdles

Annie- Badminton