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Radical Readers!

In class 3 we are aiming to be Radical Readers! We want to read at least 4 times each week at home  and have this written in our diary.


We have decided as a class that children can write in their diary and two of their own entries count towards the 4 times a week- but there must be at least two adult entries in diaries each week. The adult entry can be mums, dads, grandparents, older cousins or brothers and sisters.


We also encourage our children to read to younger brothers and sisters and record this in their diary.


We want children to read widely and often so also encourage children to read a wide variety of texts- children don't have to just read their school book. If children read the newspaper, own book or e book please record this in their diary as well.


I will collect reading diaries every Thursday to check how many entries are in diaries. Certificates will be given out for those reading 4 times or more - but this has to be 4 separate entries written in the diary.


CONGRTULATIONS this week to-

Connor Rigley