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Learning and Enrichment this week - 6th June

We have a packed first week back full of engaging and inspiring learning activities and enrichment- Check out class blogs for further information and photos. Here is a taste of what is happening this week!


Year 6 will be visiting the Tennis Centre for Nottingham Tennis Festival and beginning their first DARE session on Friday.


F2-Yr5  have special visitors from the Houses of Parliament to work with us about voting and making laws. We will learn about the vote that is coming up on June 23rd for the EU.


The whole school will be celebrating the Queens Birthday on Friday 10th June with activities throughout the day in classes, a picnic celebration lunch, a parade and a wonderful afternoon cream team with our parents from 2.30pm.


Year 5 begin their work to put themselves forward as our next school ambassadors- working with campaign teams for the vote also being held on June 23rd!