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Mrs Weightman-

Friday 5th May

In todays session we tried to do some tree planting but unfortunately the ground was far too hard. So we went into the outdoor learning garden and weeded the planters which have broad beans and onions growing in them. We also weeded the empty planters in preparation for planting runner beans, carrots and tomatoes.

Friday 21st April

In todays session we covered some science. We looked at the effect of adding warm water to compact discs of dried compost, how it expanded to create compost to be used for planting. we discussed what it felt like and what compost actually is. Once the compost was ready the children used it to plant carrot and tomato seeds.

To finish off the session the children looked at the runner beans they planted a few weeks ago and talked about the changes that have occurred and how much they have grown. They are now 11 cm tall. Then they added an entry into their Bean Diaries.

Friday 24th March

During the session today the children worked in the nature area to tidy up the flower bed on the bug hotel and did some weaving of the willow dome.

Friday 17th March

Today during our topic team session the children did some weeding of the planters outside the main entrance into school. We added fresh compost to boost the growth, then planted a range of colourful flowers. When we had finished planting we watered our beans and wrote in our bean diaries.


Our topic team this half term is gardening.

In our first session the children have looked at and discussed how to plant Runner beans. They have also begun to write a bean diary and each fortnight they will record the progress of the beans and how they are developing ready to be planted outside. Eventually they will be used in school for cooking sessions.

Over the next few sessions we will be planting a range of vegetables such as carrots, peas, tomatoes and maybe some lettuce and strawberries.