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Mrs O'Leary- Music around the world

Welcome to the 'Music from Around the World' Topic Team page.


We have had a great first session today, Friday 8th January. We found out about Samba music and watched some clips from the film 'Rio' and then compared them to actual clips from the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. We could hear lots of percussion instruments in the music and some of us had a little dance along as we watched!


We made some shakers using everyday materials and decorated them like the people and floats are decorated at the carnival in Rio. Take a look at the photos below.  

Over the last few weeks, we have been working very hard to create our own rain sticks. We used a range of materials and tried out different techniques to make the best sound. Some children used a cardboard tube with cotton buds through the middle and some children used rolled up tinfoil. The idea was to slow down the rice or beans that we put inside. The children then decorated them with tribal patterns. They worked really hard as a team to make sure everyone achieved something by the end of the three weeks. Well done!

For our last session, we painted to music. We started off playing 'musical painting' where we painted while the music was playing and when it stopped we moved to the next picture.


We then worked on our own pieces of artwork, listening to the sounds in the music to inspire us to paint. Take a look below.