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Mrs Marriott - Water Colour painting

Week 3 13/05/16

Today we tried colour mixing and created a shade rainbow. We are starting to think about what we would like to draw and paint now our skills are improving. Mrs Marriott has bought some water colour paper for our final piece of work.

Week 2 we moved colour across the paper to get a feel for the brush



Week 1

As an introduction we watched a video clip.

We then mixed colours and moved paint on the paper to see how the colours mixed and spread.

We used different sized brushes and different textured paper.

Some of us just experimented with background colour and others chose to paint a picture.

The time passed really quickly.




This term we are going to explore painting with water colours.


We will be learning how to use different brushes to get different outcomes.


We will be learning how to mix colours successfully using a palette and learning some new colour names.

How to paint a wash, lift-out watercolor, and other popular techniques.                                  Which supplies you will need, how to mix colors, and all the other general basics.

Supplies  -  Colors  -  Mixing                           Wash  -  Charging  -  Lifting