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Mrs Marriott- Crochet

Friday 4th December

This was the last crochet Topic Team and we all made a wool doll that we added to our crocheted chain.

Some of the things that the children enjoyed the most about this Topic Team

Aliyah Y2 - making dolls

Ethan Y2 - learning finger crochet

Paul Y3 - making a doll

Amelia Y3 - learning how to crochet a chain

Claudia Y4 - liked it all

Maiscee May Y4 - liked it  all

Christian Lee Y5 - how to use a crochet hook

Skye Y6 - getting along with everyone

Alessa Y6 - liked everything


Mrs Marriott - thank-you everyone it has been a pleasure teaching you how to use a crochet hook.


25th September 2015

Wow!! Today, some of us managed to create a chain necklace and add some beads. Well done everyone you are all finding a style that suits you.

20th November

We can now all confidently crochet a chain smiley

11th September

We are all learning how to hold the hook and make a basic chain. We are finding it tricky so some of us are finger knitting to get the hang of it. Everyone is trying so hard.