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Mrs Lambley- Cooking

Friday 13.05.16


Today we have made muffin pizza.


We concentrated on following the instructions to build our own pizza's with lots of delicious toppings.








We even had a go at washing up!!



Okello said it tasted "really good"


Friday 29/4/16

Wow, what a first session!!! We have had a go at making a cheese dip, guacamole and hummus. Yum.  


I hope you enjoy trying them! frown


We read our recipe and followed the steps working in pairs. You all worked really hard.







This is my first topic team and I am really excited about getting chance to take part in our cooking skills team.


We will be exploring

  • reading recipes
  • weighing and measuring
  • chopping and cutting
  • tasting exciting foods
  • evaluating our recipes