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Mrs Gunn- Sign Language

Friday 17th March 2017


What a great session today!

So proud of everyone, you all came signing your name and Emanya, Wow, taught us all new signs.


We watched a clip on BBC news about why Sign Language should be compulsory in schools.

We discussed this together and you all agreed with it. Your reasons were;


*That everyone could speak to each other whether they were deaf or not.

*Everyone would feel equal.

*No matter what country you came from signing would be a way to communicate.

*If someone deaf or hard of hearing came to our school we would all be able to talk to them and it would make them feel happy and confident.


We all watched a video of 'True Colours' by Cyndi Lauper and signed the chorus together.

We will post our video when we have mastered this but hope you enjoy our photos below.

Well done everyone.

Spring 2

Friday 3rd March 2017.


Welcome back to a new Topic Team session.


We have been looking at Makaton and how and why it is used?

The children were all quite knowledgeable about it and were keen to start learning the different signs.

They signed their own names and we all played a yes/no game, having to describe animals. The children were only allowed to answer questions using yes/no sign and couldn't talk at all.


In our next session we will be looking at signing our feelings and playing another game to showcase what we know.