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Mrs Duryea- Team Building

Team Building. Session 1

 Friday June 9th.


Team building task.

Make a bridge out of paper so the car can get across.


The children were put into different groups. All given the same task to complete .They had to work together in order to come up with a solution. They all became self managers.


Photos to follow shortly.


photos of children working together

Topic Teams on the 23 June 2017

Today the children were playing team building games where they had to use good clear communication in order for them to succeed. One activity was where one person was blindfolded and their partner had to give them instructions to help them get through an obstacle course and reach the other end. They then worked together standing back to back with locked arms with a balloon in between them. They had to work out how to get the balloon from one end of the room to the other then drop it into a bucket.

team building activities

21st July 2017

Todays topic team building session was all about problem solving. One of the games was where they were split into 4 teams and stood on a plastic mat. They then had to flip the mat without lifting their feet off the mat. The children really had to work together in order to work how best to solve this problem. They tried lots of different ways. They didn't want to finish before working out how to do it. You will have to ask the children how they worked it out or even try this activity for yourself.

problem solving