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Henry Whipple's Great Bake off .


Cheesy courgette muffins recipe 

1 small courgette grated 

100g Cheddar cheese grated 

225g self raising flour 

50ml oil

175ml milk 

1 egg 


This was a great first recipe to start with and the group really worked well together ,taking turns ,following the recipe instructions ,supporting each other and keeping the kitchen clean .Well Done Bakers



Great teamwork

Friday 23rd June 2017


Pitta Bread Pizzas 

Wholemeal pitta bread 

Tomato puree 

Cheddar cheese 




Fresh tomatoes 



We had another great lesson making our own pizzas the children were very sensible around sharp knives using the bridge technique to slice and chop ingredients .Our favourite part of the cooking lesson is trying the ingredients before we put them on our pizzas.